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Commemorative Ceremony

BASIS research would not have been possible without the knowledge and support of the captains and crew on research and contract vessels conducting the surveys. During the symposium, NPAFC will commemorate this effort by presenting a plaque to representatives from research and contract vessels: Kaiyo maru and Wakatake maru (Japan), TINRO (Russia), and Sea Storm and Northwest Explorer (USA).

Kaiyo maru (Japan)

Japan has carried out a long-term monitor program on summer salmon stocks and habitat environments in the central Bering Sea using research gillnets since 1992.  To follow up the monitor program, the R/V Kaiyo maru (2,630 gross tonnes), belonging to the Fisheries Agency of Japan, conducted intensive BASIS surveys with a trawl net in the Bering Sea basin and the...more

Wakatake maru (Japan)

Since 1991 the Wakatake maru (666 gross tonnes), owned by the Hokkaido Education Committee, Bureau of Training Ships and chartered by the Japan Fisheries Research Agency, has returned annually to the same transects in the central North Pacific and Bering Sea to monitor salmon abundance, conduct tagging experiments, and collect oceanographic and...more

TINRO (Russia)

The Research Vessel "TINRO" of Pacific Scientific Research Fisheries Center (TINRO-Center), Vladivostok, Russia, conducted the total of 6 BASIS surveys during summer-autumn 2002-2006 period: August-September 2002, July-August 2003, September-October 2003, August-September 2004, June-July 2005, and August-October 2006.  The R/V "TINRO"...more

Sea Storm (United States)

The Fishing Vessel "Sea Storm" has been contracted by the Alaska Fisheries Science Center (AFSC) to sample the epipelagic environment of the eastern Bering Sea since 2001.  Research activities on the Sea Storm were expanded during 2002 to include BASIS stations (approx. 150 stations per year) covering a broad area of the eastern Bering Sea shelf....more

Northwest Explorer
(United States)

The Fishing Vessel "Northwest Explorer" was first contracted by the Alaska Fisheries Science Center (AFSC) for BASIS research during the fall of 2002.  Fisheries and oceanographic stations were conducted within the Bering Sea Basin, slope and shelf areas.  Paried trawls with the R/V TINRO and the R/V Kaiyo maru were also conducted to determine differences in...more



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