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Workshop Presentations

The following are oral and poster presentations given at the NPAFC International Workshop, “Explanations for the High Abundance of Pink and Chum Salmon and Future Trends”, October 30-31, 2011 in Nanaimo, BC, Canada, and shared with permission of the authors.  These presentations are for educational purposes and do not reflect policy or the positions of the author’s agencies.  Presentations are listed in the order given at the Workshop.

Oral Presentations
Author (*Presenters) Title  
Nancy Davis* (NPAFC Secretariat) Workshop Opening Presentation Download
Richard Beamish* Understanding pink salmon production trends in the Strait of Georgia Download
William Heard* and Alex Wertheimer Why are pink and chum salmon so abundant in the Gulf of Alaska? Download
James Irvine*, Catherine Michielsens, Bruce White, Pieter Van Will, and Michael O’Brien Temporal patterns of abundance and size for pink salmon in British Columbia and Puget Sound (Washington State) Download
Vladimir Radchenko* Abundance dynamics of pink salmon, Oncorhynchus gorbuscha, as a structured process determined by many factors Download
Sanae Chiba*, Hiroya Sugisaki, Kazuaki Tadokoro, and Toru Nagasawa Trophic link between Neocalanus copepods and pink salmon in the western subarctic North Pacific based on long-term nitrogen stable isotope analysis Download
Alexander Kaev* Production trends of pink salmon in the Sakhalin-Kuril region from the viewpoint of run timing Download
Yury Khokhlov* Trends of chum and pink salmon production in Chukotka Download
Toru Nagasawa* and Tomonori Azumaya Fluctuation of Japanese chum salmon returning rate related to the SST along the spawning migration route Download
Yasuyuki Miyakoshi* and Mitsuhiro Nagata Recent patterns in return rate of chum salmon to different regions of Hokkaido Download
Suam Kim*, Hyunju Seo, and Sukyung Kang Relationship between environmental variability and chum salmon production at the southern limit of their distribution in Asia Download
Shunpei Sato*, Masahiro Kato, Kentaro Morita, and Shigehiko Urawa Stock-specific distribution of immature chum salmon in the summer Bering Sea inferred from SNP markers Download
Laurie Weitkamp*, Elizabeth Daly, and Joe Fisher Early marine residence of juvenile pink and chum salmon in the northern California Current (NCC): Life at the southern end of the range Download
Kentaro Morita* Thermal habitats of Pacific salmon: Does climate change benefit pink and chum salmon? Download
Alexander Zavolokin*, Vladimir Kulik, and Yury Khokhlov Changes in size, age, and intra-annual growth of Anadyr chum salmon from 1962-2010 Download
Koh Hasegawa*, Tomoki Sato, and Kei Sasaki Body size variation of juvenile chum salmon among three coastal areas of Hokkaido, northern Japan Download
Toshiki Kaga*, Shunpei Sato, Tomonori Azumaya, Nancy Davis, and Masa-aki Fukuwaka Lipid content in chum salmon affected by pink salmon abundance in the central Bering Sea Download
Daniel Bevan*, John Dower, Asit Mazumder, and Marc Trudel Fatty acid variability in macrozooplankton of coastal British Columbia; hunting for a food quality effect Download
Greg Ruggerone* Evidence for bottom up effects on pink and chum salmon abundance and the consequences for other salmon species Download
Randall Peterman*, Carrie Holt, and Murray Rutherford The need for international cooperation to reduce competition among salmon for a common pool of prey resources in the North Pacific Ocean Download
Alex Wertheimer* and Edward Farley Do Asian pink salmon affect survival of Bristol Bay sockeye salmon? Download
Beverly Agler* and Greg Ruggerone Growth of western Alaska chum salmon in relationship to climatic factors and inter- and intra-specific competition Download
Orlay Johnson*, Anna Elz, Kathleen Neely, Jeffrey Hard, and David Stewart Why did the southern chum cross the road? The chum salmon’s warning Download
Masahide Kaeriyama*, Hyunju Seo, Yuxue Qin, and Michio Kishi Carrying capacity and density-dependent processes of chum salmon, Oncorhynchus keta, in the ocean under conditions of a warming climate Download
Michio Kishi*, Kenta Awa, Takeshi Miwa, Hiromichi Ueno, and Toru Nagasawa Ecosystem approach for management of artificial release of chum salmon from Japan based on a bioenergetic model coupled with NEMURO Download
Andrei Krovnin and Nataliya Klovach* The association of long-term changes in West Kamchatka pink salmon catches with climate regime shifts in the Northern Hemisphere Download
Joe Orsi*, Emily Fergusson, and Molly Sturdevant Recent harvest trends of pink and chum salmon in Southeast Alaska: can marine ecosystem indicators be used as predictive tools for management? Download
James Balsiger* Workshop Wrap-up Download
Poster Presentations
Author (*Presenters) Title  
Lidia Zavarina* An assessment of the state of chum salmon stocks from the east and west coasts of Kamchatka Download
Masaya Iida*, Tsuyoshi Kato, and Hiroshi Takuda Natural reproduction of pink salmon on the Okhotsk coast of Hokkaido, Japan Download
Andy Piston* and Steve Heinl Trends in harvest and escapement for Southeast Alaska pink and chum salmon stocks Download
Boris Safronenkov and Vladimir Volobuev* Salmon culture based on preservation of biological and ecological conditions of aquatic communities Download
Jeong-Nam Yu, Noriko Azuma, and Syuiti Abe* Genetic variation between collections of hatchery and wild masu salmon inferred from mitochondrial and microsatellite DNA analyses Download
Kiyoshi Kasugai*, Mitsuru Torao, Hiroshi Kakizaki, Hiroshi Adachi, Hiromi Shinhama, Yutaka Ogasawara, Shinji Kawahara, Tsutomu Arauchi, and Mitsuhiro Nagata Distribution and abundance of juvenile chum salmon (Oncorhynchus keta) in Nemuro Bay, eastern Hokkaido, Japan Download
Nina Yu Shpigalskaya*, V.A. Brykov, A.D. Kikhlevsky, and A.A. Chetvertak Polymorphism of mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) Cytb/D-loop region in pink salmon populations Download
Nina Yu Shpigalskaya*, V.A. Brykov, A.D. Kukhlevsky, and E.A. Shevlyakov Identification of pink salmon mixed aggregations on the base of mitochondrial DNA polymorphism Download
Leonid Klyashtorin and Natalia Klovach* Cyclic climate changes and production of Pacific salmon: The possibility of forecasting Download
Liu Wei*, Liang Xiong-wei, Zhan Pei-rong, and Wang Ji-long Downstream migration habitat suitability evaluation of chum salmon (Oncorhynchus keta Walbaum) in Wusuli River by the method of habitat suitability index Download
Yousuke Koshino*, Masao Minagawa, Hideaki Kudo, Yuxue Qin, and Masahide Kaeriyama Transfer of marine-derived nutrients by pink salmon (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha) to terrestrial ecosystems in the Shiretoko World Natural Heritage area, Japan Download




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