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Program and Abstracts

Program and Abstracts Download
Some of the abstracts have been edited for clarity.  Contact if you have questions.

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Tentative Program
(subject to change without notice)

Oral Presentations (Ilima Room)
April 25 (Thursday)
  Welcoming Remarks
      Joe Orsi
Poster Presenters Introduction (first half)
      Joe Orsi
Invited Presentation: Review of studies on Asian juvenile Pacific salmon stocks, 2006-2012
      Vladimir I. Radchenko*, Olga S. Temnykh, and Alexander V. Zavolokin
Invited Presentation: Recent advances in marine juvenile Pacific salmon research in North America
      Marc Trudel* and Eric Hertz
Topic 1: Seasonal distribution and migration route/timing
  The dispersal pattern of juvenile chum salmon in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Hokkaido, Japan
      Toshihiko Saito*, Kyuji Watanabe, Kei Sasaki, and Fumihisa Takahashi
Stock origins of juvenile chum salmon migrating along the eastern Pacific coast of Hokkaido during early summer
      Shunpei Sato*, Katsuaki Hirasawa, and Shigehiko Urawa
Recent change in the distribution and abundance of juvenile Yukon River Chinook salmon in the northern Bering Sea and implications for survival under warming Arctic conditions
      James Murphy*, Katherine Howard, Bill Templin, Keith Cox, and Edward Farley
Stock-specific migration pathways and size of juvenile sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) in nearshore waters and in the Gulf of Alaska
      Terry D. Beacham*, Richard J. Beamish, John R. Candy, Strahan Tucker, Jamal H. Moss, David Teel, and Marc Trudel
Late ocean entry timing provides resilience to populations of Chinook and sockeye salmon in the Fraser River
      Richard J. Beamish*, Ruston Sweeting, and Chrys Neville
Migration behavior of yearling Chinook salmon in the coastal environment: a simulation model
      Brian J. Burke*, James J. Anderson, Jessica Miller, Londi Tomaro, and Antonio Baptista
Size and timing at ocean entry for Columbia River juvenile salmon: effects of stock and production type on early ocean growth rates
      Laurie A. Weitkamp*, David J. Teel, Susan A. Hinton, Don M. Van Doornik, and Paul Bentley
Juvenile steelhead distribution, migration, growth, and feeding in the Columbia River estuary, plume, and coastal waters
      Elizabeth A. Daly, Julie A. Scheurer, Richard D. Brodeur, Laurie A. Weitkamp*, Jessica A. Miller, and Brian R. Beckman
Oceanographic and ecological indicators used to produce outlooks of salmon returns in the northern California Current
      Bill Peterson*, Jay Peterson, Jennifer Fisher, Cheryl Morgan, and Brian Burke
Topic 2: Hydrological characteristics, primary production, and prey resources
  Spatial associations of juvenile Chinook salmon and krill in the northern California Current: importance of prey availability at the time of ocean entry
      Jason L. Hassrick*, Jarrod. A. Santora, William J. Sydeman, and Sean A. Hayes
Benefits of living life on the edge: enhanced growth and foraging opportunities for juvenile salmon inhabiting the margins of the Sitka Eddy
      Jamal Moss*, Marc Trudel, Brian Beckmann, William Crawford, Wyatt Fournier, Emily Fergusson, and Terry Beacham
Assessment and management of environmental and health factors affecting early marine survival of hatchery reared coho salmon in the Strait of Georgia, British Columbia, Canada
      Elan Downey*, Alexandra Eaves, David Ewart, Shannon Anderson, John Duncan, and Sonja Saksida
Topic 3: Trophic linkages, growth rates, and predation rates
  Influence of variability in ocean conditions on trophic interactions and recruitment of juvenile Chinook and coho salmon inferred from trophically transmitted parasites
      Kym C. Jacobson*, James P. Losee, Jessica Miller, Bill Peterson, Antonio Baptista, and David Teel
Ocean influences on growth and survival of coho salmon in the northern California Current: beyond correlation - approaching mechanism
      Brian Beckman*, Cheryl Morgan, and Larissa Rohrach
April 26 (Friday)
  Stock-specific predation of rhinoceros auklets (Cerorhinca monocerata) on juvenile salmon in coastal British Columbia
      Strahan Tucker*, Mark Hipfner, John Candy, Collin Wallace, Terry Beacham, and Marc Trudel
Continental-scale comparative analyses of feeding and resource ecology of juvenile Chinook salmon along the Pacific coast of North America
      Asit Mazumder*, Richard Brodeur, Lisa Eisner, Ed Farley, Jeff Harding, Bruce MacFarlane, Shapna Mazumder, Jamal Moss, Jim Murphy, and Marc Trudel
Feeding habits, consumption rates, and growth of juvenile Pacific salmon in relation to fluctuations of the forage base and salmon abundance
      Alexander Zavolokin*
Topic 4: Ecological interactions among species and populations
  Density-dependent trophic interactions between juvenile pink salmon (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha) and chum salmon (O. keta)
      Erica S. Jenkins*, Marc Trudel, and Asit Mazumder
Does predation by returning adult pink salmon regulate pink salmon or herring abundance?
      Molly Sturdevant*, Rich Brenner, Emily Fergusson, Joe Orsi, and Bill Heard
Topic 5: Survival rate and survival mechanisms
  Are smolts healthier in years of good ocean productivity?
      Kristi M. Miller*, Marc Trudel, David A. Patterson, Angela Schulze, Karia Kaukinen, Shaorong Li, Norma Ginther, Tobi Ming, and Amy Tabata
Potential mechanisms of ocean mortality of juvenile salmon and steelhead due to ingestion of plastic marine debris
      Katherine W. Myers*, Nancy D. Davis, Robert V. Walker, and Margaret E. Atcheson
The effects of post-smolt growth and thermal regime on the marine survival of steelhead trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) from the Keogh River
      Kevin D. Friedland*, Bruce R. Ward, David W. Welch, and Sean A. Hayes
Using Bayesian networks to link climate variability, ocean processes, and coho salmon marine survival
      Michael J. Malick*, Randall M. Peterman, William T. Peterson, and Thomas C. Wainwright
Ecological predictors of coho salmon survival using a spatial and temporal comparison of Washington State coho salmon stocks
      Mara S. Zimmerman*, Thomas Buehrens, and Josh Weinheimer
Beyond the estuary: an extension of the nomad life history strategy in coho salmon
      Leon D. Shaul*, Randy Ericksen, Kent Crabtree, and Judy Lum
Critical periods in the marine life history of Pacific salmon
      David W. Welch*, Erin L. Rechisky, Wendell C. Challenger, and Aswea D. Porter
Assessing the relative importance of local and regional processes on the survival of Snake River spring/summer Chinook salmon
      Jessica A. Miller*, David Teel, Bill P. Peterson, and A. Baptista
Mesoscale eddies as a climate-linked mechanism for driving inter-annual variability in ocean survival of pink salmon
      Thomas C. Kline, Jr.*
Size-selective mortality of Bristol Bay sockeye smolts in relation to ocean conditions, smolt characteristics, and sockeye productivity
      Greg Ruggerone*, Bev Agler, Ed Farley, and Lorna Wilson
(Original Topic 6: Population size and carrying capacity was dropped)
Topic 6: Survival and salmonid ecology during the first winter at sea
  Food supply of juvenile pink salmon in the Subarctic frontal zone of the western North Pacific Ocean in the winter and spring
      Svetlana V. Naydenko* and Natalia A. Kuznetsova
Life history strategies for survival of juvenile Yukon River Chinook salmon prior to and during their first winter at sea
      Keith Cox*, James Murphy, Katherine Howard, and Edward Farley
Workshop Wrap-Up
      William Heard*
Poster Presentations (Kahili Room)
April 25-26, 2013
Poster session April 25 (Thursday), 17:20-19:30
Topic 1: Seasonal distribution and migration route/timing
  Genetic identification of Okhotsk Sea juvenile pink salmon mixed-stock aggregations during the early marine period of life
      Nina Yu. Shpigalskaya, Uljana O. Muravskaya, Anna I. Kositsina, and Anton V. Klimov (presented by Maxim Koval)
Genetic stock composition of juvenile Chinook salmon collected off the mouth of the Yukon River: Are these Yukon River fish?
      Charles M. Guthrie III, Scott Vulstek, Hanhvan Nguyen, James Murphy, William Templin, and Jeffrey R. Guyon*
A novel method to identify key factors of the gene regulatory network underlying salmonid reproductive behavior using directed graphical modeling
      Reiichiro Nakamichi*, Hirohisa Kishino, and Shuichi Kitada
Use of otolith structure for stock identification of juvenile pink and chum salmon in the offshore waters of the Okhotsk Sea
      Alexandra I. Chistyakova, Roman A. Shaporev, and Alexander V. Bugaev*
Distribution of juvenile pink salmon in the coastal area of Taui Bay in the Sea of Okhotsk
      Igor L. Izergin, Vladimir V. Volobuev*, Lev I. Izergin, Evgeny A. Fomin, and Sergey L. Marchenko
Olfactory imprinting and homing migration of chum salmon in Hokkaido, Japan
      Hiroshi Ueda* and Yuzo Yamamoto
Evidence for geomagnetic imprinting in Fraser River sockeye salmon
      Nathan F. Putman*, Kenneth J. Lohmann, A. Peter Klimley, Emily M. Putman, Thomas P. Quinn, and David L.G. Noakes
Early life history contributes to variance in marine distribution among Fraser River sockeye
      Stephen J. Latham*
Extreme variation in the production of juvenile sockeye salmon from the Fraser River in consecutive dominant and subdominant cycles
      Chrys-Ellen Neville, Stewart Johnson, Marc Trudel*, and Richard Beamish
Oceanic distribution of Chinook salmon inferred from age-specific arrival timing
      Chloe Bracis* and James J. Anderson
Predicting ocean habitat of juvenile Chinook salmon in the southern portion of their range
      Arnold J. Ammann, David D. Huff, Sean A. Hayes*, Jeffrey A. Harding, Brian K. Wells, and R. Bruce MacFarlane
Topic 2: Hydrological characteristics, primary production, and prey resources
  Oceanographic features of the northern Bering Sea and their associations with forage fish
      Jeanette Gann*, Lisa Eisner, and Seth Danielson
Marine food habits and energetic condition of juvenile salmon relative to ocean conditions in the Gulf of Alaska
      Wyatt Fournier*
Interannual variations of prey resources during the early ocean life of juvenile chum salmon in four coastal areas around Hokkaido, northern Japan
      Tomoki Sato*, Kei Sasaki, Masaya Takahashi, and Toru Nagasawa
Coastal feeding patterns on a spatial distribution of released Korean chum salmon, Oncorhynchus keta, fingerings
      Ju Kyoung Kim*, O-Nam Kwon, and Kwan Eui Hong
Topic 3: Trophic linkages, growth rates, and predation rates
  Exposure to elevated temperature during early development affects sexual development in Oncorhynchus mykiss
      Kathleen S. Cole*, David L.G. Noakes, Neil Thompson, Michael Blouin, Bruce Morrison, and Carl B. Schreck
Diet variability and feeding intensity in late summer subyearling Chinook salmon caught off Oregon and Washington
      Richard D. Brodeur*, Elizabeth A. Daly, and Greg Hutchinson
Prey selectivity of juvenile salmon on neustonic mesozooplankton in the northern California Current
      Richard D. Brodeur*, Suzan S. Pool, and Todd W. Miller
Interannual and spatial variability in the feeding ecology of juvenile Chinook salmon and subsequent effects on survival and growth
      Eric Hertz*, Marc Trudel, Strahan Tucker, Terry Beacham, Chuck Parken, and Asit Mazumder
Trophic relationships among juvenile salmon during a 16-year time series of climate variability in Southeast Alaska
      Emily A. Fergusson*, Molly V. Sturdevant, and Joseph A. Orsi
Diet composition and feeding behavior of juvenile salmonids in the northern Bering Sea August - October, 2009 - 2011
      Mary E. Auburn* and Molly Sturdevant
Feeding interactions of juvenile Pacific salmon and other fish species in the coastal epipelagic zone of Kamchatka
      Anastasia Morozova (presented by Maxim Koval)
Behavioral and biochemical adaptations of juvenile Pacific salmon in the Okhotsk Sea
      Аnton V. Klimov, Аleksey P. Lozovoy, and Irina V. Zhiganova (presented by Maxim Koval)
A bioenergetics approach to estimating consumption of zooplankton by juvenile pink salmon in Iturup Island coastal waters
      Boris P. Smirnov*, Svetlana E. Frenkel, and Tatyana G. Tochilina
Topic 4: Ecological interactions among species and populations
  Population structuring of chum salmon, Oncorhynchus keta, populations in Far East Asia
      Moongeun Yoon*, Syuiti Abe, Ju Kyoung Kim, and Kwan Eui Hong
The population of chum salmon Oncorhynchus keta in the Anadyr River basin, Chukotsky AO, Russia
      Semyon B. Baranov*
First-year scale growth of North Pacific chum salmon in relation to ocean conditions, smolt characteristics, and interspecific interactions
      Bev Agler*, Greg Ruggerone, and Lorna Wilson
Ecological interactions among adult pink salmon and the early marine growth and production of chum salmon in Southeast Alaska
      Ellen C. Martinson*
The potential for competition among herring and juvenile salmon species in Puget Sound, Washington
      Iris M. Kemp*, David A. Beauchamp, Ruston Sweeting, and Carol Cooper
Topic 5: Survival rate and survival mechanisms
Control of the parasitic flagellate Ichthyobodo salmonis, a causative agent of marine mortalities of juvenile chum salmon
      Shigehiko Urawa*
Coastal residence of juvenile chum salmon and their adult returns to the Ishikari River, Hokkaido
      Kei Sasaki*, Kyuji Watanabe, and Fumihisa Takahashi ,Toshihiko Saito
Effects of salinity on haematological biochemistry and structure of liver tissue in juvenile chum salmon (Oncorhychus keta Walbaum)
      Wei Liu*, Bingjie Zhi, Peirong Zhan
Influence of the conditions in the Hairuzova and Belgolovaya estuaries (western Kamchatka) on total Pacific salmon abundance
      Maxim Koval* and Sergey Gorin
Verification of the immature ratio at age of chum salmon in the Bering Sea and Central North Pacific Ocean, 1971-2010
      Kyuji Watanabe*, Kentaro Morita, and Toshihiko Saito
Linkages between juvenile Canadian Yukon River Chinook salmon size, abundance, and survival in the Bering Sea to adult returns
      Kathrine G. Howard*, James Murphy, Keith Cox
Freshwater growth and recruitment in two western Alaskan populations of Chinook salmon
      Justin M. Leon and Megan V. McPhee*
Implications for research from the widespread decrease in productivity of sockeye salmon populations in western North America
      Randall M. Peterman* and Brigitte Dorner
Marine survival and effectiveness of age-0 hatchery smolts raised in freshwater and seawater in rebuilding depressed sockeye salmon in Auke Lake, Southeast Alaska
      William Heard*, Sidney Taylor, and Joe Orsi
Long term ocean survival trends of Chinook salmon released at the Little Port Walter Marine Station in Southeast Alaska
      John E. Joyce, Andrew Gray, Adrian Celewycz, Frank Thrower, Taylor Scott, William Heard, and Jeffrey R. Guyon*
Chinook salmon production and marine migration survival mechanisms
      Joe Orsi*, Molly Sturdevant, Emily Fergusson, Bill Heard, and Ed Farley
Spatial variation in abundance and condition of juvenile chum salmon ((Oncorhynchus keta) in response to marine factors in Southeast Alaska
      Michael Kohan*, Joe Orsi, and Megan V. McPhee
Habitat-mediated effects of diurnal and seasonal migration strategies on juvenile salmon survival
      Michael C. Melnychuk*
The complexity of Chinook salmon in the early marine environment
      Ruston M. Sweeting (presented by Marc Trudel)
Is declining sockeye salmon survival the result of competition at sea and declining carrying capacity?
      James R. Irvine* and Scott A. Akenhead
Juvenile yearling Chinook salmon survival in the Columbia River plume (USA): an information-theoretic evaluation of environmental factors with telemetry data
      Ian G. Brosnan*, David W. Welch, Erin L. Rechisky, Aswea D. Porter
A model linking ocean survival to smolt length
      Gregor Passolt and Jim Anderson*
Growth-mortality feedback loops: the implications of size-selective culling
      Jeff Rutter* and James Anderson
(Original Topic 6: Population size and carrying capacity was dropped)
Topic 6: Survival and salmonid ecology during the first winter at sea
  Insights into overwinter survival mechanisms for juvenile salmonids
      Edward V. Farley*, Alexander Starovoytov, Svetlana Naydenko, Ron Heintz, Marc Trudel, Charles Guthrie, and Jeffrey R. Guyon
Marine survival and interspecific interactions of coho salmon in Southeast Alaska
      Milo Adkison*, Ryan Briscoe, Joshua Robins, Michael Malick, Alex Wertheimer, and S.G. Taylor
Connecting the "dots" among coastal ocean metrics and Pacific salmon production in Southeast Alaska, 1997-2011
      Joe Orsi*, Molly Sturdevant, Emily Fergusson, John Joyce, and Steve Heinl
Early marine growth and the survival of pink salmon
      Elysha K. C. Gordon* and Richard J. Beamish
Overwintering ability of juvenile ocean-type Chinook salmon: effect of water temperature and food deprivation on growth, energetics, and survival
      David G. Stormer* and Francis Juanes

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