Page 33 - Annual Report 2011

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10. Coordination of 2011 Bi-Weekly Conference Calls
At the 2010 Annual Meeting, the United States requested that another Party
take over the responsibility for the successful bi-weekly conference calls
which took place in 2010. Canada agreed to take it over with a similar modus
operandi as was done by the United States last season.
Japan noted that although it appreciates the efficacy of this system,
because of the lack of personnel with English language knowledge, it will
not participate in the teleconference. However, it will use IIS to share any
information. Japan would hope to receive any outcome information from the
conference calls.
The conference calls will be conducted in English with Parties providing their
own interpreters locally, if necessary.
The United States suggested that the conference calls commence 1 to 2
weeks prior to the first surface patrol of the Convention Area.
Canada agreed to with the Secretariat to record and circulate the minutes of
the bi-weekly conference calls.