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NPAFC Internship Program

How to Apply
NPAFC invites citizens from its member Parties (Canada, Japan, Rep. of Korea, Russian Federation and USA) to apply for the NPAFC Secretariat Internship Program. The period of the internship is up to six (6) months. One intern per year will be accepted upon approval of the Commission. The intern will work at the NPAFC Secretariat in Vancouver, Canada.

Deadline for submission of applications March 16, 2017


To help early-career professionals gain experience and knowledge in operations of the Commission and provide an opportunity to test their interest in international governmental organizations, management, fisheries, biology, ecology, and fisheries enforcement. The NPAFC Secretariat benefits from increased capacity through the presence of an additional professional bringing his/her experience and knowledge.

Nature of the Internship

The intern works under the supervision of the Executive Director and/or his/her designates and may be given a wide variety of tasks:

  • plan, develop, and complete an individual project in the communication, administrative, or clerical field in the Secretariat’s area of responsibilities;
  • prepare information for and providing Secretarial support to special projects;

  • assist organizing and editing various NPAFC publications;

  • coordinate international cooperative programs;

  • assist Secretariat activities; and
  • assist with other work delegated by the Executive Director and/or his/her designates.

Period of internship: Start on or about September 1, 2017 for a period up to a maximum of 6 (six) months.
Deadline for application: March 16, 2017

Qualifications of Candidates

Applicants must be a citizen of a NPAFC member-country, have a minimum of a university degree (for example either an undergraduate or graduate degree), the ability to read, write, and speak English, the ability to use computers and the internet, and demonstrated personal initiative.

Applicants must currently be a part of the government or academic sector, a recent graduate, or currently enrolled in school for an advanced degree.

Guidelines for application and selection procedure

Applicants will apply to the NPAFC Secretariat following the procedure described on the NPAFC website. Applicants must describe their interests and qualifications in a cover letter, provide a resume delineating their academic and work experience, and submit three professional letters of reference. Reference letters can be submitted by the applicant or directly from referees. By whichever method, the three reference letters must be submitted to the Secretariat by the deadline.

  • Applications (including cover letter, resume, and three reference letters) must be received by the NPAFC Secretariat 60 days prior to the NPAFC Annual Meeting.
  • The NPAFC Executive Director will review applications and transmit his/her recommendation(s) to the NPAFC Points of Contact 30 days prior to the NPAFC Annual Meeting.
  • The Commission will announce the successful intern at the Annual Meeting.
  • The NPAFC Secretariat staff will contact the successful intern immediately after the Annual Meeting by email, or by phone, or by regular mail to make arrangements with the intern to assume the internship.

Financial Support

NPAFC will provide a stipend of CDN $2,500 per month. Travel costs for the Intern to and from their place of residence and the location of the Secretariat will be at his/her own expense or by home country support. Travel expenses associated with the Intern's work in the Secretariat will be covered by NPAFC. The Intern's medical insurance and benefits are not covered by the NPAFC Internship Program (contact the Secretariat for details).

How to Apply

Procedure for applying for the NPAFC Internship Program:

Submit the following to the Secretariat by email (
(1) A cover letter describing applicant’s interests and qualifications
(2) Resume showing academic and/or work experience
(3) Three professional letters of reference
(4) Personal Data Page of passport as a citizenship proof

Deadline for submission: March 16, 2017 (date received by the Secretariat)

2017 Annual Meeting Date: May 15–19, 2017

Starting date of the next Internship: on or about September 1, 2017
Duration of internship: maximum of six months

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