North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission


Committee on Scientific Research and Statistics (CSRS)

The Committee on Scientific Research and Statistics (CSRS) was established by the Commission under Articles VII, VIII, and IX of the Convention. In general, the purposes of the CSRS are to review and coordinate the collection and exchange of scientific data and specimens, coordinate and assess scientific studies of anadromous stocks and ecologically related species in the Convention Area and adjacent to it, coordinate scientific exchanges, review proposed scientific research programs, and make recommendations to the Commission.

CSRS Terms of Reference

The CSRS holds its meetings during the Annual Meetings of the Commission.

Current Chairperson: Ju Kyoung Kim (Korea)

CSRS Points of Contacts:
Canada: Jackie King, John Holmes
Japan: Shunpei Sato, Toshihiko Saito
Korea: Jong Kuk Choi
Russia: Svetlana Naydenko, Albina Kanzeparova
USA: Ed Farley

CSRS has the following sub-committee and working groups:
Science Sub-Committee
Working Group on Stock Assessment
Working Group on Salmon Marking
Working Group on Stock Identification
 International Year of the Salmon Working Group

Past Working Groups:
BASIS Working Group (discontinued 2015)
Working Group on Salmon Tagging (discontinued 2016)