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Science Plan

NPAFC Science Plan

The NPAFC Science Plan is a long-term plan for cooperative scientific research. The present plan, which was adopted by the Commission at its 2023 Annual Meeting, is for the period of 2023–2027.

NPAFC Science Plan 2023–2027

The primary goal of the 2023–2027 Science Plan is to: “Establish a research framework to develop a mechanistic understanding of the impact of changing climate on salmon abundance and distribution trends in the North Pacific Ocean.”

(1) Improve knowledge of the relative biomass, distribution, migration, and fitness of Pacific salmon in the ocean (Present Knowledge);
(2) Understand causes and anticipate changes in the production of Pacific salmon and the marine ecosystems producing them (Forward Action).

There are five research themes:

(1) Status of Pacific salmon and steelhead trout (Present Knowledge);
(2) Pacific salmon and steelhead trout in a changing North Pacific Ocean (Forward Action);
(3) New technologies;
(4) Management systems; and
(5) Integrated information systems.

Science Plan 2023–2027: Download (PDF)

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