North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission

Special Funding

Funding for Scientific Research

Inadequate funding continues to be a major challenge to the future of NPAFC scientific research. Each national party of NPAFC has made a substantial commitment of resources to the joint work, including research vessels and scientific expertise.

Analyses of many samples and data collected, however, have to be postponed until more funding is available. Some participants lack even the most basic equipment for carrying out field and laboratory research and data analysis.

Completed Projects Financed by External Funds

North Pacific Research Board funds (NPRB)

(R0204) NPAFC Salmon Tagging
(R0303) NPAFC Cooperative Research
Use of genetic stock identification to determine the distribution, migration, early marine survival, and relative stock abundance of sockeye and chum salmon in the Bering Sea.

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

A Long-term Research and Monitoring Plan (LRMP) for Pacific Salmon in the North Pacific Ocean
We welcome your support for NPAFC scientific research.