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NPAFC International Symposium on Pacific Salmon and Steelhead Production in a Changing Climate: Past, Present, and Future



Date May 17-19, 2015
May 16, 2015 - 1 day Excursion (optional)
Venue Kobe International Conference Center
6-9-1 Minatojima-nakamachi,
Chuo-ku, Kobe 650-0046, Japan
Tel: +81-78-302-5200
Fax: +81-78-302-6485


  Understanding how climate change and variability impacts the marine ecology of Pacific salmon and steelhead is important to their future sustainability. This symposium will review recent research on ecological mechanisms regulating marine distribution and production of anadromous populations, climate change impacts on salmonid populations, retrospective analysis of key populations as indicators of conditions in North Pacific marine ecosystems, and implications of stock identification and model development for management of salmon and steelhead. The goal of the symposium is to utilize the best available information on marine ecology of salmonid populations to explain and forecast annual variation in their production.

Submitted manuscripts will be considered for publication in the NPAFC Bulletin series after peer review.

Topic Sessions
  1. Migration and survival mechanisms of salmonids during critical periods in their marine life history
    1a. Initial period of marine life
    1b. Winter period
  2. Climate change impacts on salmonid production and their marine ecosystems
    2a. Bering Sea (BASIS)
    2b. North Pacific Ocean and adjacent waters
  3. Retrospective analysis of key salmonid populations as indicators of marine ecosystem conditions
  4. Application of stock identification and models for salmonid population management
     4a. Stock identification development and applications for management
    4b. Model development and applications for management
  5. Forecasting salmonid production and linked ecosystems in a changing climate
  6. Symposium Wrap-up



  November 17 (Mon), 2014 Submission deadline for abstracts
  Mid-January, 2015: Announcement of abstract selection to authors
  Beginning February, 2015: Symposium program available and meeting registration opens
  May 16 (Sat), 2015: One-day excursion (optional)
  May 17 (Sun), 2015: Symposium in Kobe, evening welcoming reception
  May 18 (Mon), 2015: Symposium in Kobe, evening poster session
  May 19 (Tue), 2015: Symposium in Kobe
  June 19 (Fri), 2015: Submission deadline for manuscripts to the Secretariat
  Fall 2016: Publication of NPAFC Bulletin 6


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