Annual Report 2002

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Appendix 1: EECM - Sakhfrakht-3
Appendix 2: EECM - JOICG
Appendix 3: EECM - EPWG
Appendix 4: CSRS - BASIS
Appendix 5: CSRS - Interim                   Terms of Reference
Appendix 6: Science Plan
Appendix 7: F&A - Statements
Appendix 8: F&A - Hiring
Appendix 9: News Release
Appendix 10: Meetings &                     Publications
Appendix 11: Abbreviations
Appendix 1

Results of the Investigation of the Case of F/V Sakhfrakht-3

On May 16, 2001, USCG C-130 aircraft conducted patrol flight in the Convention Area.  During the flight at 14.15 (Kamchatka time) two drift net vessels were spotted fishing at 5140N, 164364E.  The information about this spotting was passed to Russian patrol ship DZERZHINSKY that was in 90 miles from the scene and she started acting on this information. Helicopter from the ship was lifted in vicinity of the area of possible violation.

Helicopter from the ship located SAKHFRAKHT-3 near the drift net at 18.55 (Kamchatka time) within Russian EEZ. The owner of the fishing vessel was fishing company SEVKUR, SEVERO-KURILSK. The name and the registration number of the vessel were covered. The helicopter hailed SAKHTFRAKHT-3 with international signals. F/v stopped and showed the name and registration numbers.

The boarding team from DZERZHINSKY has inspected SAKHFRAKHT-3 since 19.50 till 21.07.  DZERZHINSKY has found and hauled in drift nets belonged to SAKHFRAKHT-3.

As the results of inspection of SAKHFRAKHT-3 were found the following:

- No permit;
- The journal of the ship daily reports was not filled;
- The ship's log book has been filled since May 6, 2001, the previous period was not reflected in the log book;
- The engine room log book was filled with breaking the rules, there were not any records for 12, 13, 14 of May;
- The last record in the fishing log book was dated December 7, 2000;
- The vessel was equipped and prepared for drift net fishing of anadromous species;
- The scales of the salmon was detected on the technological and fishing equipment;
- The ship device of the Vessel Monitoring System was dead since May 7, 2001, and was switched on at the moment of detection of the vessel on May 16, 2001 (according to the VMS data the Sakhfrakht-3 was in port of Hakodate, Japan);
- The fact of throwing drift net overboard, painted over name and covered registration numbers were recorded on video tapes;
- Patrol ship found 2 transponders and several drift nets without marks. In total, 5 drift nets and 10 transponders were found.

According to the decree of Federal Border Guard Service #1560 from May 21, 2001, all materials of civil case were passed to the prosecutor of the Inter-district nature protection prosecutor's office for Kamchatka region.  In accordance with calculation, the sum of damage caused to marine biological resources of Russian Federation by acts of shipmaster was 1,207,510 rubles (about $40,000 USD).

The Kamchatsky inter-district nature protection prosecutor's office brought an action against the master of the fishing vessel according to articles 201 "Abuse of power" and 253 "Violation of Federal laws about Russian EEZ" of Criminal Code.  On May 22, according to the article 175 of the Criminal Procedures Code SAKHFRAKHT-3 was arrested as material evidence.

By June 06, 2001, all needful procedures on the vessel was finished, the sum of ecological damage was transferred to the account of an authorized bank.  After that SAKHFRAKHT-3 was allowed to go fishing without fishing area restrictions.

After that materials about the violation of Russian law were submitted for further consideration and to recall fishing permit at the License Commission of the State Fishery Committee.  The captain of SAKHFRAKHT-3 (Alexander Kovalev) was given probation for three years and his license was revoked for three years.


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