Annual Report 2002

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  Joint Meeting
Status of Salmon
Factors Affecting Survival

Joint Meeting on Causes of Marine Mortality of Salmon  in the North Pacific and North Atlantic Oceans and in the Baltic Sea


The increased marine mortality of some salmon stocks in recent years is a pressing concern in both the North Pacific and North Atlantic Oceans as well as in the Baltic Sea.  In response to this situation a joint meeting, co-sponsored by IBSFC, ICES, NASCO, NPAFC and PICES, was held in Vancouver, Canada during 1415 March, 2002 to review and exchange information on the causes of recent changes in marine mortality of salmon.  The objectives of the meeting were: (1) to improve understanding of the mechanisms resulting in the increased mortality, (2) to identify research priorities, and (3) to stimulate enhanced cooperation and information exchange in the future.  The meeting, which was the first of its kind to bring together five inter-governmental organizations to review information on salmon in the three areas, was attended by 142 delegates.  Sessions were held on the status of salmon stocks and fisheries, and the possible factors associated with increased marine mortality of salmon, which were considered under three groupings - climate and oceanography, human-induced effects, and ecological factors.  In addition there was a synthesis and general discussion session.  A total of 21 oral and 16 poster papers were presented.  In the following synthesis Peter Hutchinson (NASCO), David Welch (PBS, Canada), George Boehlert (NOAA/NMFS, USA), and Ken Whelan (Marine Institute, Ireland) have summarised the main points that emerged from these presentations and the subsequent discussions, and have drawn some conclusions.


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