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»  16th Annual Meeting
1. Time and Place of the Meeting
2. Participants
3. Agenda
4. Opening Remarks
5. Consideration of Enforcement
6. Consideration of Scientific     Research & Statistics
7. Administrative & Fiscal Matters
8. News Release
9. Closing Remarks
     United States       

Closing remarks by Dr. Suam Kim, President of NPAFC

Distinguished Delegates, Observers, Ladies and Gentlemen,

16th Annual Meeting
Seattle, WA, U.S.A., 2008
Photo by NPAFC Secretariat

The beginning of my speech should start with ‘Thank you for your help’, because my experience in the NPAFC Annual Meeting was very limited. Especially, Chairpersons of the committees and Executive Director gave me good advice and guidelines for the meeting operation. Without their and your devotion, this Annual Meeting couldn’t be completed with such success.

For the last 5 days, we have discussed actively on how we maintain strong salmon stocks as well as healthy ecosystems in the North Pacific. I have observed that each person in the meeting worked very hard for doing his/her own role in our organization. Scientists in the CSRS exchanged information on scientific results, and improved our understanding on salmon ecology. The officials and administrators in the ENFO discussed the methods and strategies

for conservation of salmon species and prevention of illegal fishing. They have conducted an excellent job using ship, airplane, and satellite against IUU fishing in the Convention Area. Delegations in the F&A also tried to find efficient ways to operate the organization.

Recently, the world has been changing very fast. The advances of engineering and new technologies make our common living very convenient and comfortable. On the other hand, however, such development in industry caused high concentrations of carbon dioxide in the air, and consequently fast changes in climate, which influenced extensively on marine ecosystems including salmon stocks. The link between industry, climate, fish resources, and economy requires understanding of the Earth System Science in holistic way, because every component in earth ecosystem and human society was inter-connected. In this regard, the NPAFC has achieved its role very well in salmon conservation and management in the North Pacific, and regarded as one of the leading fisheries organizations in the world. I believe the reputation of the NPAFC was attributed by everybody’s endeavor in our organization, and wish to have our name recognized continuously.

In conjunction with this Annual Meeting, we will have an International Symposium on Bering-Aleutian Salmon International Surveys (BASIS) at the Sheraton Hotel from Sunday, November 23. Total of about 70 scientific papers will be presented during the three days, and the results of the Symposium can be a milestone in climate change, production trends, and carrying capacity of Pacific salmon.

Finally, I would like to express my sincere thanks to the United States Government and delegation for hosting this Annual Meeting. Reception at the Seattle aquarium was excellent and unforgettable event for the participants. The process of meeting is going very smoothly. Moreover, the host brought sunshine for a week to Seattle in mid November. It is really incredible. Also, I cannot close this meeting without saying special thanks to the Secretariat and interpreters who were behind the curtain. Without their devotion, we could not have had such a big success. Again, I, as the President of the organization, really appreciate everybody’s efforts for making this Annual Meeting successful. I wish you have safe journey to your home countries, and looking forward to seeing you in Niigata, Japan next year.


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