Annual Report 2008



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Ľ  16th Annual Meeting
1. Time and Place of the Meeting
2. Participants
3. Agenda
4. Opening Remarks
5. Consideration of Enforcement
6. Consideration of Scientific     Research & Statistics
7. Administrative & Fiscal Matters
   (1) Financial Analysis and         Increase of Contributions
   (2) ENFO and CSRS         Recommendations
   (3) NPAFC Performance Review
8. News Release
9. Closing Remarks
7 Administrative and Fiscal Matters
(1)   Financial Analysis and Increase of Contributions from 2010/2011 FY
At the 15th Annual Meeting the Parties and the Committee on F&A discussed the possibility of increasing the contribution of the Parties according to the table of contribution increase formulae provided by the Secretariat.

The Secretariat presented an updated powerpoint of the detailed financial status of the Commission.

The Parties, after consulting with their governments, agreed unanimously to increase the contribution to C$180,000/annum (C$35,000 increase) per Party starting July 1, 2010.

Japan supported the increase on the condition that the Secretariat continue to exercise its prudence in the use of the Commissionís budget.

While the US Party supported the increase in contributions, the committee noted the USí comment that the increase is subject to further consideration by the U.S. Congress and new Administration.

The committee recommended that the Parties increase the annual contributions by C$35,000/year to C$180,000/Party/year, beginning from the 2010/2011 fiscal year.


(2)   Review of ENFO and CSRS Recommendations on Joint Projects to be Financed by the Commission from Different Funds
Request from CSRS

The CSRS requested funding of C$44,000 for the NPAFC Bulletin #5 as the proceedings of BASIS Symposium.

Given the current Commissionís fiscal situation, the committee discussed the possibility of publishing the Bulletin electronically instead of in hard copy.

The committee noted that the current world trend is not to have a printed version but to have electronic on-line version.  Some Parties raised concerns about going completely to an electronic format at this time.  While the Secretariat was asked to examine ways to reduce the cost of printing/mailing of the Bulletin, the Commission will gradually shift printing to the electronic versions.

The committee recommended funding C$42,000 for the publication of the NPAFC Bulletin No. 5, the Proceedings of 2008 BASIS Symposium from the Working Capital Fund for 2009/10 fiscal year.

The CSRS also requested funding of C$1,000 in prize money for the return of the salmon tags.  A drawing will be held at the 2009 17th Annual Meeting.  The three prizes will be: 1st prize-C$500, 2nd prize-C$300, 3rd prize-C$200.

The committee recommended funding C$1,000 from the Special Fund for the Scientific Research for the 2009/10 fiscal year.

Request from ENFO

ENFO requested C$14,000 funds to hold a half day ENFO Workshop in conjunction with the 2009 EECM in Fukuoka, Japan on February 24, 2008, to cover the travel cost of one officer per Party who will be presenting at the Workshop.

All Parties also agreed this kind of workshop must be held on a regular basis but the frequency of this workshop should be determined by the ENFO.

In order to minimize this fiscal yearís budget, Japan, Korea and the United States indicated that they will cover the travel costs of their presenters. However, if any Party has a financial difficulty, the Party will make a request to the Secretariat for the travel cost of one presenting officer.

For the future workshops, it was agreed that each Party will endeavour to cover the cost of all their participants as indicated in the Convention.


The committee recommended funding a maximum of C$14,000 from the Working Capital Fund to pay for one participant from each Party who will be presenting at the 2009 ENFO Workshop in Fukuoka, Japan on February 24, 2009.


(3)   NPAFC Performance Review

The Executive Director briefed the committee on the past history, procedures and the creation of the Working Group for the Commissionís Performance Review and presented a timetable with a relevant cost.

While lengthy discussion was held over the Japanese and Korean Partiesí concerns about the timing of the Performance Review and the Canadian Partyís concerns that one of the external panelists is a government employee of one of the member countries of the Commission, all Parties agreed on the following:

  • The two External Panelists will be: Drs. Rosemary Rayfuse (professor at the South Wales Univeristy of Australia) and Ian Perry (chief scientist at the Pacific Biological Station, Canada) and both will be co-chairs,
  • Invite the External Panelists to 2009 17th Annual Meeting to be held in Niigata, Japan,
  • The expert reviewers will have primary authorship,
  • The final report to be presented at the 2010 18th Annual Meeting
  • Five Internal Panelists will start their review prior to the 2009 Annual Meeting,
  • Other meetings will be done by communications,
  • Point of communication: NPAFC Secretariat

Fiscal implications:

  • 08/09 FY: nil
  • 09/10 FY: approximately C$15-20,000
    (Travel cost of two external panelists to Niigata and advance payments (30%) of the contract)
  • 10/11 FY: other direct cost and the balance of the contract

The committee recommended approval of the above agreements.



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