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Appendix 1: 2008 Enforcement                   Schedule 
Appendix 2: Report from Taiwan
Appendix 3: NPAFC Bulletin No. 5
Appendix 4: Proposal of Reward                   Draw
Appendix 5: Sample and Data                   Requests (2008)
Appendix 6: Draft Pre-proposal                   for NPRB
Appendix 7: International
Appendix 8: News Release
Appendix 9: Meetings &                   Publications
Appendix 10: Abbreviations
Appendix 4

Proposal of Reward Draw for Encouraging the Public to
Report NPAFC High Seas Tag Recoveries

The Working Group of Salmon Tagging, CSRS

Objective:  More than 1,500 salmon tagged with NPAFC disc tags were released on the high-seas in 2008 to elucidate the stock-specific distribution and migration of salmon.  To encourage the public to report NPAFC high seas tag recoveries during the 2008-2009 season, the international salmon tagging project will introduce a reward draw system.

Date of draw: At the Plenary Session of the NPAFC Seventeenth Annual Meeting in 2009.

Announcement and Advertising:

  • Posters and other tag recovery information for public on the NPAFC website will be updated by the Secretariat after the working groupís consent at the next RPCM.
  • Printed posters in each language will be available from the Secretariat, if requested. Parties will distribute posters within their Parties on their own.

Eligibility for the Draw: Only non-agency personnel are eligible. Each person entered must have a mailing address. Eligible tags are the tags returned to Working Group members between June 1, 2008 and 15 days before the NPAFC Annual Meeting, 2009.

Drawing procedure:

  1. A completed list of names and addresses of people who have recovered tags must be compiled by WGST members 2 weeks before the 17th Annual Meeting.
  2. An entry includes the name and mailing address for each tag entered. It is the responsibility of each countryís WGST representative to collect the winnerís name, address and the bank account information.
  3. Draw will be held at the 2nd Plenary Meeting of the Seventeenth Annual Meeting in 2009.
  4. Secretariat will send the winning moneys to the winners by bank transfer.

Cost estimates for the Reward:

     1st prize C$500
     2nd prize C$300
     3rd prize    C$200




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