Annual Report 2008



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1. Time and Place of the Meeting
2. Participants
3. Information from CSRS
4. Evaluation of Results of
    Enforcement Activities
5. Cooperation
6. Recovery of Driftnets
7. Other Business


Cooperation with other International Organizations, States or Entities
  At the last Annual Meeting, the United States solicited the group’s views on inviting Indonesia as an observer.  The United States noted that as Indonesia appears to conduct significant high seas fishing in and around the Convention Area, discussion on this issue is important.

Japan, Russia, and Canada had no objections to inviting Indonesia as an observer.  Russia noted the need to create some mechanism for improved communication with Indonesia, to which the U.S. concurred.  The Executive Director explained that a letter of invitation will be sent requesting Indonesia’s attendance as an observer to the 2008 Annual Meeting once approved by the ENFO Points of Contact.

Additionally, the Commission decided at the last Annual Meeting that representatives from the North Pacific Coast Guard Forum (NPCGF) and the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) be invited to this NPAFC EECM meeting.  A joint North Pacific IUU Tripartite meeting with NPAFC, NPCGF and WCPFC was held immediately after this EECM’s adjournment.

China was invited as an observer to the tripartite meeting, but the Secretariat received no response.



Recovery of abandoned driftnets (briefing on the U.S. Ghost Net Program)
  Paul Niemeier of the United States delivered a PowerPoint presentation on the U.S. ghost net program.  Mr. Niemeier solicited for interest from Parties to carry NOAA-funded satellite tracking buoys on board patrol vessels.  These buoys would track the position of abandoned driftnets discovered at sea.  USCGC MUNRO will carry these tracking buoys during the summer 2008 patrol, which will serve as a program prototype.  The U.S. will report results and effectiveness of these buoys at the next Annual Meeting.  In the interim, the U.S. will publish additional information on the satellite tracking buoy program on the U.S. NOAA website.

Russia emphasized that while tracking abandoned nets demonstrates important progress, the real focus should be on removing these nets from the ocean environment.  The Chairman agreed with this statement and indicated that it may be beneficial to request some NPAFC funding at the next Annual Meeting.



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