Annual Report 2008



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1. Time and Place of the Meeting
2. Participants
3. Information from CSRS
4. Evaluation of Results of
    Enforcement Activities
5. Cooperation
6. Recovery of Driftnets
7. Other Business
       a)  Creation of IUU List  
       b)  Letter to Indonesia
 7.  Other Business
(a)    Creation of a List of IUU Vessels
The group discussed creation of a List of NPAFC IUU Vessels: such a vessel list would be used internally by NPAFC Parties only as an enforcement tool within IIS.

Russia indicated that the Vessels of Interest (VOI) module within IIS has not been completed, but it may be available sooner if it could be done in a different format (that is already assembled, but involves less information).  It was agreed that apprehensions and convictions that are not involving salmon interceptions should not be listed under this criteria.

The Executive Director suggested that it is important to be publicizing the successes of the organization; this would serve as a deterrent to other potential IUU fishers in and around the Convention Area.  He proposed to upload the list of Apprehended Illegal Salmon Fishing Vessels on the NPAFC website and the lists of Suspected and Unidentified Vessels on IIS website.

The United States stated that once a vessel has been identified by an RFMO as a participant in IUU activities, it should be listed and publicized so that other nations and organizations could keep those vessels out of their ports, if they so desire.  To this, Canada responded that, as this list would be a simple factual record of apprehended vessels there should be no issues with the U.S. suggestion, however cautioned that should the NPAFC wish to go beyond a simple listing of factual details, such as denying port access, further discussion on this matter would be required to ensure that appropriate criteria and procedures are developed.

The Secretariat tabled lists of the past IUU vessels (apprehended, suspected and sighted) and distributed to the Parties.  The Parties were asked to review and correct/update the list by May 1, 2008 so that the information can be uploaded to the NPAFC and IIS websites.


(b)    Letter to Indonesia
At the last Annual Meeting, it was decided that a letter be sent to the Indonesian Government detailing observed HSDN activities by several fishing vessels flying Indonesian flag.  The letter was sent with the signature of the NPAFC President, Mr. D. Koo, on February 25, 2008. 


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