Annual Report 2008



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Ľ  North Pacific IUU Tripartite Meeting

1. Time and Place of the Meeting
2. Opening Remarks and     Introductions
3. Overview
4. Monitoring, Control and     Surveillance Activities
5. Future Cooperation
5. Future Opportunities for Cooperation
The Chair remarked that despite differing mandates/objectives there were many shared commonalities (i.e. websites, observers, shiprider programs) and invited members to make suggestions regarding items that would merit future consideration.

R. Martinolich of the NPAFC highlighted the importance of multi-tasking and sharing assets, adding that there was great potential for cooperation and information sharing on such things as IUU suspect vessel lists.

CAPT G. Sundgaard of the NPCGF reiterated that there were opportunities present to capitalize on each organizationís strength to work towards protecting shared fish stocks.

W. Sanford of the WCPFC strongly endorses the cooperative control mechanism and suggested bi-annual meetings of the tripartite group.

T. Tomita of Japan saw great merit in focusing on the information exchange.

G. Medvedev of Russia voiced support for focusing on information exchange and continued participation of membership in joint meetings.  Also, it is important that calendars should reflect upcoming events for planning purposes.

Capt. M. Inman of the United States was pleased that there was a good degree of cross-pollination between the various organizations given the potential for collaboration.  He announced the planned CG deployment of the United States Coast Guard Cutter MUNRO and suggested that this asset, in cooperation with others, could coordinate to address multiple stock issues.  He added that, in the future, work should be done to harmonize boarding procedures.

P. Steele of Canada agreed with the member comments and saw cooperation as a means of: avoiding duplication of efforts, maximizing use of available assets and learning from best practices.  He also noted that there was an ongoing need to publicize the existence and potential of the MCS Network.



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