Annual Report 2008



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1. Time and Place of the Meeting
2. Participants
3. Research Plans and Cruise     Activities
4. Exchange Samples and Data
5. Sub-Committee and Working     Group Reports
6. Scientific Information for     Enforcement Activities

Hatchery facility at Youngdong Inland Fisheries Research Institute.
Photo by
NPAFC Secretariat

6. Scientific Information for Enforcement Activities

At the 2007 Annual Meeting, the ENFO requested that CSRS provides any scientific information to assist in the effective enforcement of IUU fishing in the Convention AreaDuring the EECM, held in Vancouver on February 2729, 2008, S. Urawa (Secretariat) and J. Irvine (Canada) made a presentation on oceanography of the North Pacific Ocean, migration patterns of salmon, factors affecting salmon distribution, thermal limits of salmon distribution, overlap of salmon and other species, real-time satellite data, and stock identification of IUU fishing salmon The ENFO members asked several questions such as relationships of water temperature and vertical migration of salmon, and requested CSRS to prepare a guideline of sampling methods for stock identification of confiscated salmon.  The stock identification of confiscated salmon may be an example of good collaboration between CSRS and ENFO.  The ad hoc Working Group on Stock Identification will prepare such guideline for training enforcement personnel.