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»  17th Annual Meeting
1. Time and Place of the Meeting
2. Participants
3. Agenda
4. Opening Remarks
5. Consideration of Enforcement
6. Consideration of Scientific     Research & Statistics
7. Administrative & Fiscal Matters
   (1) Format of Future         RPCM and EECM
   (2) Status of Special and         External Funds
   (3) ENFO and CSRS         Recommendations
8. News Release
9. Closing Remarks

F&A in session, 2009
Photo by NPAFC Secretariat

7 Administrative and Fiscal Matters
(1)   Format of Future RPCM and EECM
The Secretariat proposed changing the interpretation format for the future RPCM and EECM by hiring one interpreter per language as “stand-by” for Party’s spokespersons.   This would reduce the interpretation expenses by nearly 50%.  However, all Parties expressed grave concerns about this change.

Japan had circulated its opinion to the Parties prior to the Annual Meeting, questioning the efficiency of holding these interim meetings after 2010.

After lengthy discussions at this committee and at the Heads of Delegations meetings, all Parties agreed that interpretation services are crucial for mutual understanding between participants and must be continued.

Japan expressed its views that it would be better to consider the possibility to suspend EECM and RPCM rather than to consider the format change of interpretation services from the cost effective viewpoint.

However, Japan joined views of Korea and Canada and expressed reluctance to reduce language capabilities at the meetings and hinder participants in any meetings.

All Parties agreed to hold the 2010 interim EECM and RPCM meetings with full simultaneous interpretation and its expenses be included in the budget of 2009/2010 fiscal year.

In summary, it was agreed that further discussion will occur at 2010 Annual Meeting on the following issues:

  • whether or not to continue to hold interim meetings (EECM/RPCM),
  • if the decision is made to continue, then, EECM will have simultaneous interpretation and what kind of interpretation will be provided for RPCM (simultaneous/consecutive/stand-by, etc.).

Korea suggested that EECM and RPCM be held at the same time and place for cost saving purposes.

A suggestion was also made whether it is feasible to integrate these interim meetings with the regular Annual Meetings in order to economize costs for interpreters and equipment.

Further discussion will continue at EECM and RPCM as well as at the next Annual Meeting regarding all these issues.


(2)   Status of Special and External Funds
2.1  Special Fund for Scientific Research (SFSR):

The balance in the SFSR was C$2,052 at the last fiscal year end. The Commission had approved at the last Annual Meeting that C$1,000 would be used for the salmon tag draw prizes at this Annual Meeting, thus the balance in the Fund is C$1,052.

The United States contributed US$54,000 to the SFSR in September 2009.  The United States explained that the money was contributed with a specific designation to support international cooperative research in the NPAFC.  Potential research activity includes purchasing and deploying electronic and physical tags to track salmon migration in the North Pacific Ocean, operation expenses of scientists on research cruises, and publishing costs for scientific reports.   The other Parties thanked the United States for its generous support of the SFSR.

2.2  Moore Foundation Funds:

The Executive Director informed the committee that the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation project “Long-term Research and Monitoring Project” ended on October 15, 2009.  The surplus balance of approx. C$17,000 is scheduled to be refunded to the Foundation. The final report of the project was printed and was distributed at this Annual Meeting.  The report will also be uploaded on the NPAFC website.  The Canadian Party volunteered to enquire whether the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation might agree to allow the surplus funds to be used for another NPAFC purpose.


(3)   Review of ENFO and CSRS Recommendations on Joint Projects to be Financed by the Commission
Request from CSRS

The CSRS presented the following requests:

  • funding of C$3,000 from Special Fund for Scientific Research (SFSR) for purchasing 5000 salmon tags in 2009/10 fiscal year,
  • funding of C$4,600 from SFSR for travel expenses for N. Davis of the United States for boarding Wakatake maru during 2009/10 fiscal year,

  • funding of C$1,000 from SFSR for salmon tag draw rewards for 2011/12 fiscal year.

The committee recommended funding from SFSR C$3,000 for salmon tags and C$4,600 for N.Davis’s travel expense for boarding Wakatake maru in 2009/2010 fiscal year and C$1,000 for salmon tag draw during 2011/12 FY.

Request from ENFO

There were no requests from ENFO this year.


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