Annual Report 2009



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Ľ  Appendices
Appendix 1: 2009 Scheme of                    Patrolling 
Appendix 2: Sample and Data                   Requests #1 (2009)
Appendix 3: Preliminary Russian
                  Mark Plan (2009)
Appendix 4: Summary of
                  Proposal for NPRB
Appendix 5: Report from Taiwan
Appendix 6: Sample and Data                   Requests #2 (2009)
Appendix 7: Performance Review
                  Panel Timetable
Appendix 8: News Release
Appendix 9: Meetings &                   Publications
Appendix 10: Abbreviations
Appendix 7

NPAFC Performance Review Panel Timetable




November 2009

1st Meeting of the Panel (3 days):

  • election of the Panelís chairperson;

  • distribution of the tasks among the members of the Panel;

  • reviewing the Commissionís documents and publications;

  • discussion of the rules of procedure, report format, interview questions etc.

Niigata, Japan

December 2009 -August 2010

Communication among the members of the Panel for:

  • process of actual drafting;

  • exchange of drafts,

  • reviewing, editing and finalization of the report

By e-mail, fax, phone

September 10, 2010

Deadline for submission of the Performance Review final report to the NPAFC Secretariat.

By email

November 2010

Presentation of the final report to the Commission (by the NPAFC Secretariat)

NPAFC 18th Annual Meeting, Busan, Korea



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