Annual Report 2009



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1. Time and Place of the Meeting
2. Participants
3. Information from CSRS
4. Evaluation of Results of
    Enforcement Activities
5. Cooperation


Cooperation with the Western Central Pacific Fisheries Commission (WCPFC) and the North Pacific Coast Guards Forum (NPCGF)
  The ENFO Chairman reported that at the last WCPFC meeting, the United States introduced a draft Conservation Management Measure (CMM) prohibiting the use of large scale driftnets on the high seas in the WCPFC Convention Area.  The WCPFC adopted the CMM prohibiting the use of large-scale driftnet on the high seas of the WCPFC Convention Area.

The chair suggested NPAFC members, who are also WCPFC members, consider using WCPFC monitoring guidelines as additional means of boarding vessels of WCPFC member countries.

The participants were informed that the WCPFC Secretariat was tasked to begin establishing a cooperative framework with the NPAFC to exchange information on North Pacific large-scale driftnet fishing activities.

The members of the NPCGF are the same as that of NPAFC plus China, therefore, the meeting and cooperation are expected to be smooth.



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