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Foundation and Goals
Convention Area
Scientific Research

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   Scientific Research   

The NPAFC provides a forum for cooperation among its member countries to promote the scientific research, to coordinate the collection, exchange and analysis of scientific data, and to exchange statistical information on catch and effort regarding anadromous stocks and ecologically related species

For those purposes, the Commission established the Committee on Scientific Research and Statistics (CSRS), which holds its meetings during the Annual Meetings of the Commission in autumn.  Scientists also meet between the Annual Meetings, at the Research Planning and Coordinating Meeting (RPCM).

At CSRS and RPCM, the Parties submit their scientific research plans for salmon, report the results of their previous scientific researches and statistical data of their catches and fry releases, and discuss the scientific research cooperation among the Parties.

Science Sub-Committee (SSC) and several Working Groups have been established under CSRS in order to facilitate its discussions for cooperation.

SSC discusses the formulation and reviews the implementation of the NPAFC Science Plan, which is a long-term plan for cooperative scientific research and is currently approved for the period up to 2010.  SSC also coordinates cooperation with other international organizations, such as North Pacific Marine Science Organization (PICES), North Atlantic Salmon Conservation Organization (NASCO) and others.

There are now five Working Groups including one ad hoc.  The Working Group on Stock Assessment meets mainly to summarize and discuss the latest statistical information.  The Working Group on Salmon Marking discusses coordination of marks to minimize duplication between countries and the development of a common database of mark releases.  The goals of the ad hoc Working Group on Stock Identification are to develop, standardize, and disseminate genetic and other databases among the Parties to encourage the development of new genetic technologies and to facilitate the dissemination of statistical techniques.  The Salmon Tagging Working Group was created in 2007 for coordination of high-seas salmon tagging and management of the INPFC-NPAFC salmon tagging database.

BASIS (Bering-Aleutian Salmon International Survey) Working Group is created to facilitate the latest cooperative research activities focused on 1) Bering Sea Salmon Research, 2) Juvenile Salmon Research in Eastern and Western North Pacific Waters, and 3) Winter Salmon Research.

About 10 research vessels are deployed annually for scientific research cruises.  In many cases, they are joint cruises with the participation of scientists from the different member countries.

NPAFC publishes the statistical data on salmon catches provided by the member countries in a Statistical Yearbook.  The proceedings of the NPAFC symposia and workshops are published in the NPAFC Bulletin series and Technical Report series respectively.  In 2009 the NPAFC issued a Special Publication "Long-Term Research and Monitoring Plan (LRMP) for Pacific Salmon (Oncorhynchus spp.) in the North Pacific Ocean"




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Participants of final LRMP meeting.
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BASIS Research Cruise
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