Annual Report 2009



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1. Time and Place of the Meeting
2. Participants
3. Research Plans and Cruise     Activities
4. Exchange Samples and Data
5. Sub-Committee and Working     Group Reports
6. Project Proposals for      External Fund-Raising
7. Symposia
    (a) NASCO  
    (b) PICES  
7. Symposia
(a)    Joint Symposium with NASCO
The Organizing Committee group (J. Irvine (chairperson) of Canada, T. Nagasawa of Japan, S. Kang of Korea, V. Karpenko of Russia and L. Low of USA (substitute for J. Seeb) met to assess a draft announcement summarizing the major themes and objectives of the symposium which were proposed by NASCO.  The following reflects comments provided by the group members prior to and at the RPCM:

Themes and objectives – The primary purpose of the proposed symposium would be to exchange information on the marine migration and distribution of salmon and the factors influencing mortality of salmon at sea, with particular emphasis on the results of the BASIS and SALSEA (Salmon at Sea) programs.  The scientific basis for the symposium, tentatively entitled “Salmon At Sea - Causes of Marine Mortality of Pacific and Atlantic Salmon and Implications for their Management”, was supported.  The themes and objectives in the draft announcement were developed collaboratively by NPAFC and NASCO and remain valid.  If a decision is made to proceed with the symposium, this Organizing Committee group would like to revise the draft announcement.

Timing – The proposed timing for the symposium was discussed.  The group is concerned that there would not be sufficient new scientific information available to present at a symposium in 2011, because many papers from the BASIS research program, some of them providing information on marine mortality, were presented at the 2008 BASIS symposium whose proceedings will be published within the year.  The 2009 Plan for NPAFC Bering-Aleutian Salmon International Survey (BASIS) Phase II 2009-2013 (NPAFC Doc. 1164) also proposes a NPAFC international workshop for 2011, but only relatively preliminary new information will be available at this time.

Location – The current proposal is to hold the joint symposium in Europe, possibly England or France.  The group is concerned about hosting a meeting in Europe.  High costs for attending the symposium would mean that relatively few Pacific researchers would be able to attend, other than invited speakers and members of the Organizing Committee whose costs would be subsidized.

In conclusion:
The group appreciated the opportunity to work with NASCO and ICES and supports collaborative symposia.  The group understood that the cost to NPAFC (~$21750 US) of co-sponsoring a major symposium with published proceedings in the ICES Journal of Marine Science is reasonable.

However, the group did not support having a joint symposium with NASCO in 2011.  This date is too close to the previous 2008 NPAFC BASIS symposium held in Seattle, and there would not be sufficient new scientific information available to present at a symposium in 2011.  The group recommended that NASCO be requested to postpone the symposium until there is more new information from BASIS and other Pacific marine research programs.

(b)    2010 Joint Symposium with PICES

At the last NPAFC Annual Meeting, CSRS agreed that NPAFC will contribute to the International Symposium on "Climate Change Effects on Fish and Fisheries" to be held in Sendai, Japan on April 26-29, 2010. In March 2009 F&A approved by e-mail communication to provide C$6,000 for the symposium as a co-sponsoring organization. On behalf of NPAFC, the CSRS recommended the CSRS chairperson, Y. Ishida as a member of Symposium Organizing Committee, and the SSC chairperson, D. Beamish as a member of Scientific Steering Committee for the Symposium.