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10. Closing Remarks
Closing remarks by the Parties’ Representatives and the President were made as follows:
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Mr. President, Representatives and delegates, ladies and gentlemen,
We have come to the end of a remarkably well-organized and enjoyable 19th NPAFC
Annual Meeting. Korea is very pleased with the active discussions that have taken place and
the decisions taken on the basis of such discussions. I believe that progress has been made
through the cooperative efforts of the Parties to strengthen effective monitoring, control and
surveillance programs to fight high sea drift net fishing activities in the Convention Area.
I was very impressed by the passion of the Parties with their effort to eradicate IUU fishing
and various scientific results which were priceless, and I learned a lot from the active
discussions about the agenda items and the earnest attitude of the delegation of the Parties.
On behalf of the Korean Delegation, I would like to thank the President, Dr. Jim Balsiger,
ENFO Chair, Mr. Jun Imamura, CSRS Chair, Dr. Jin Yeong Kim, and F&A Chair, Dr. Gerry
Kristianson for their excellent leadership to bring fruitful and meaningful results over the last
six days. Without their hard work and guidance, it would not be easy, in particular, to deal
with and proceed with each item of the prioritized recommended list of actions from NPAFC
Performance Review Report. In this sense, I am sure that the future of the NPAFC is very
bright and optimistic.
I would also like to extend my special thanks to Executive Director, Mr. Fedorenko, and
Deputy Director, Dr. Nancy Davis, and Ms. Wakako Morris, and Miss Claudia Chan for their
wonderful arrangement, preparation for this annual meeting and their service to delegates.
I also thank Canadian colleagues for providing excellent meeting facilities and their warm
Before closing, I would like to say that Korea is very pleased to host the 2012 EECM
meeting with ENFO Workshop in beautiful Jeju Island, and looking forward to seeing many
people from each Party with their families. Finally, I do appreciate all the interpreters for
making our meeting go smoothly.
Thank you very much.
9. News Release
The Commission reviewed and adopted the New Release proposed by the Secretariat and the
Press Committee