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Appendix 3:
Korean Suggestion to Draft Rules of Procedures for NPAFC IUU
Vessle List
In terms of establishing the NPAFC IUU Vessel List, it should be applied in an equitable,
transparent and non-discriminatory way. I would like to put an emphasis that it should be
well-balanced with other regional fisheries management organizations (RFMOs) to share
IUU vessels information with them to eradicate IUU fishing practice in a global level.
Therefore, Korea would like to introduce a general procedure in a globally acceptable
standard with regard to placing or removal of vessels from IUU Vessel List set out in
many RFMOs.
Following provisions come from alleged IUU vessel, draft IUU vessel, provisional IUU
vessel, and IUU vessel in many conservation and management measures in place from
Information on suspected IUU activities
1. If any Party obtains information that vessel have engaged in activities set out in a, b
or c of para.2(refer to the U.S. and Canada Joint Proposal), it shall report containing
this information to the Executive Director in order to place the vessel in the NPAFC
IUU Vessel List at the initial stage of this procedure.
IUU List
2. Executive Director shall draw up a draft IUU vessel list on the basis of the
information and further evidence available gathered from Parties, and any other
suitably documented information at his/her disposal, and shall transmit it all Parties
and the Flag State concerned through appropriate government channels.
3. Flag state concerned shall transmit its comments, as appropriate, including evidence
showing that the listed vessel have neither engaged in activities set out in a, b or c
of para.2(refer to the U.S. and Canada Joint Proposal). Upon receipt of the draft IUU
vessel List, all Parties shall closely monitor the vessels included in that list in order to
follow their activities and possible changes of names, flag and/or registered owner.
Provisional IUU List
4. Executive Director shall draw up a provisional IUU vessel list and notify all Parties of
the evidence on the basis of comments received from the flag state concerned.
5. ENFO shall examine the Provisional IUU List as well as all available information and
evidence, and comments received from the Flag State concerned.
6. ENFO shall remove a vessel from the Provisional List if the Flag State demonstrate
The vessel did not take part in any IUU fishing activities described in a, b or c of
para.1, or
Effective action has been taken in response to the IUU fishing activities in
question, including, prosecution and imposition of sanction of adequate severity.