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Appendix 8:
Request for a Tag Reward Drawing to Encourage the Public to
Report NPAFC High-Seas Tag Recoveries
The tag reward encourages return of high-seas tags. Data from high-seas tag recoveries
pertain to component 4 of the 2011-2015 NPAFC Science Plan: “Development and applications
of stock identification methods and models for management of Pacific salmon”.
This is a request for an NPAFC tag reward drawing at the 2014 Annual Meeting to encourage
reporting of NPAFC high-seas tag recoveries that was submitted by the Salmon Tagging Working
Group, CSRS, October 2011.
Objective: To encourage the public to report NPAFC high-seas tag recoveries during the 2011-2013
Date of the drawing: At the Plenary Session of the 2014 NPAFC Annual Meeting in the USA.
Eligibility for the Drawing: Only non-agency personnel are eligible. Each person entered must have a
mailing address. Eligible tags must be returned to WG members from October 15, 2011 to 15
days before the 2014 NPAFC Annual Meeting. Tags recovered in 2011 that were returned too
late to be entered in the 2011 drawing are also eligible.
Drawing procedure:
1. A completed list of names and addresses of people who have recovered tags must be
compiled by WGST members 2 weeks before the 2014 Annual Meeting.
2. An entry includes the name and mailing address for each tag entered. It is the
responsibility of each country’s WGST representative to collect the winner’s name,
address and the bank account information.
3. Drawing will be held at the Plenary Meeting of the 2014 Annual Meeting in the USA.
4. Drawing will use the same procedure as used in the 2009 and 2011 drawings.
5. Secretariat will send the reward money to the winners by bank transfer or any other
Cost estimates:
Reward 1st prize C$500
2nd prize C$300
3rd prize