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Appendix 10:
PICES Second International Symposium “Effects of Climate
Change on the World’s Ocean” in Yeosu, Korea, May 15-19, 2012
Proposal for NPAFC Co-sponsorship of the PICES Symposium pertains to component 2 of the
2011-2015 NPAFC Science Plan: “Climate impacts on Pacific salmon production in the Bering Sea
and adjacent waters”.
While many adverse effects of climate change have been described to date, they are likely a fraction of what
will become apparent in the coming years. These changes are described and debated in regional or thematic
symposia and workshops, but a comprehensive view of the current state of the global ocean and comparison
between regions demands an international symposium program that reaches for that scale. ICES, PICES,
and IOC joined forces in 2008 for the first global ocean symposium (Gijon, Spain), which attracted 400
scientists from 48 countries. PICES, ICES, and IOC have agreed to join in organizing the second international
symposium, “Effects of Climate Change on the World’s Oceans” to be held as one of the official events related
to the World Ocean Expo-2012 in Yeosu, Korea. PICES has invited NPAFC to co-sponsor the symposium.
Purpose and Topics
The second international symposium, “Effects of Climate Change on the World’s Oceans,” aims to bring
together experts from different disciplines to exchange observations, results, models, and ideas at a global
scale and to discuss the opportunities to mitigate and protect the marine environment and its living resources.
The research theme of the NPAFC 2011-2015 Science Plan, “Forecast of Pacific salmon production in the
ocean ecosystems under changing climate” is related to the topic sessions that will be presented at the PICES
symposium. The PICES Symposium will provide a forum to present information on anadromous stocks and
discuss scientific knowledge related to the NPAFC Science Plan.
The Symposium will include the following theme sessions:
1. Climate variability versus anthropogenic impacts
2. Systematic, sustained and integrated global ocean observations
3. Projections of climate change impacts on marine ecosystems and their uncertainty
4. Climate change effects on living marine resources
5. Genetic and physiological responses to climate change
6. Marine spatial planning and risk management in the context of climate change
7. Coastal and low-lying areas
8. Trend and impacts of de-oxygenation in oceanic and coastal ecosystems
9. Marine tipping points in the earth system
10. Changes in the marine carbon cycle
: Multi-purpose Hall located at the World Ocean Expo-2012 site in Yeosu, Korea
Abstract Submission Deadline
: December 15, 2011
Contribution Requested: TOTAL C$5,000