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Appendix 11:
NPAFC International Workshop on Migration and
Survival Mechanisms of Juvenile Salmon in Ocean
Ecosystems (Juvenile Workshop III) at the 2014
Annual Meeting in the USA
(Tentative title)
NPAFC Juvenile Workshop III proposal pertains to component 1 of the 2011-
2015 NPAFC Science Plan: “Migration and survival mechanisms of juvenile
salmon in ocean ecosystems”.
In recognition of the importance of understanding juvenile salmon production in ocean
environments, NPAFC has organized two previous workshops on the subject of juvenile
salmon in marine habitats. In 2000, the NPAFC organized a “Workshop on Factors
Affecting Production of Juvenile salmon” in Tokyo, Japan, and presentations were
summarized in NPAFC Technical Report 2 and national review papers were published
in NPAFC Bulletin No. 3. In 2006, the NPAFC convened the “Second International
Workshop on Factors Affecting Production of Juvenile Salmon” in Sapporo, Japan.
Presentations were summarized in NPAFC Technical Report 7. The proposed NPAFC
workshop is the third juvenile salmon workshop and it is planned to take place in
conjunction with the 2014 NPAFC Annual Meeting in the USA.
The initial period after juvenile salmon migrate to sea is thought to be the most critical
phase with respect to ocean survival of anadromous populations. Observations have
shown there is considerable interannual variation in abundance, growth, and survival
rates of juvenile salmon in the ocean. These variations are related to climate-induced
changes in habitats that operate at regional and local scales. These processes are
monitored annually in marine surveys along the coasts of Asia and North America.
Laboratories are monitoring juvenile salmon abundance and have begun developing
models to forecast commercial harvest. Study of the migration and survival mechanisms
of juvenile salmon is a research component of the 2011-2015 Science Plan, “Forecast
of Pacific salmon production in the ocean ecosystems under changing climate.” During
the elapsed time between the second and proposed third juvenile workshop, significant
new research results will be available and the workshop will provide researchers the
opportunity to share and review information on juvenile salmon relevant to the 2011-2015
NPAFC Science Plan.
Possible Topics
The workshop will focus on the following research areas:
Seasonal distribution and migration route/timing of juvenile salmon
Hydrological characteristics, primary production, and prey resources in marine
Trophic linkages, growth rates and predation rates of juvenile salmon
Ecological interactions among species, and among populations
Survival rate and survival mechanisms of juvenile salmon
Population size and carrying capacity of juvenile salmon
Future research