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Appendix 12:
F&A List of Actions (LoA) on the Prioritized Recommendations
from the Performance Review Report
Text of Recommendation
Decisions made by F&A
The Commission should consider
amending the terminology used in the
Rules of Procedure (RoP) to refer to ‘
Repr­esentatives’ as ‘Commissioners’ or to
otherwise clarify RoP 9-11 to bring them
into line with current practice.
1. RoP 9-11: no changes will be made.
2. RoP 7 (re voting): The committee suggested
the following amendment:
“Commission vote may be cast by any one
Representative or alternate Representative from
each Party. A committee vote may be cast by a
Representative or by an advisor designated for
that purpose.”
3. Keep ‘Representative’, not to change to
The Commission should develop a policy
on the provision of interpretation at its
meetings for new member states and
any possible future cooperating non-
contracting parties.
All Parties agreed to develop a policy:
“During the meetings of NPAFC, the Commission
will use only the languages of the existing Parties
of the Commission, i.e. a new member will be
provided with the interpretation services for its
language if it is other than the current languages.
As for non-Contracting Member, the interpretation
services or a delegation room at the meetings will
not be provided”. Such provision will be reflected in
the minutes of the Annual Meeting, not by changing
the Rules of Procedure.
The Commission should consider
amending RoP 5a to reduce the notice
period required for the seating of observers
and consider other ways in which to make
the Commission more open to individuals
or representatives of other organizations.
Change the application deadline to 90-day and 30-
day response time.
Consideration should be given to clarifying
the use of an uncapitalised ‘r’ in Staff Rule
Change from “representative” to “Representative”
The Commission should turn its mind to a
definitive clarification of RoP 19 (a) and the
hiring process for the Deputy Director.
Retain Status Quo, no changes from the current
hiring process for the time being, however, clarify
during the process of hiring new Executive Director
what is expected of Deputy Director as acting
Executive Director should the necessity arise.
The Commission should establish a
publications committee to review the
efficacy and format of Commission
publications and the website in order to
fully consolidate the gains to be achieved
by the increasing use of electronic and
online publishing possibilities.
Create a Publication Policy working group which
will consist of one representative from ENFO and
F&A, and two from CSRS. The working group will
be under the auspices of the Secretariat. Since
the majority of the issues will be CSRS related, the
Deputy Director will be in charge of the group from
the Secretariat.