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Annual Reports 1993-2011
NPAFC Statistical Yearbooks 1993-2007
NPAFC Scientific Bulletins:
No. 1 “Assessment and Status of Pacific Rim Salmonid Stocks”, 1998
No. 2 “Recent Changes in Ocean Production of Pacific Salmon”, 2000
No. 3 “A Review of the Research on the Early Marine Period of Pacific Salmon by Canada,
Japan, Russia and the United States”, 2003 
No. 4 “Status of Pacific Salmon and Their Role in North Pacific Marine Ecosystems”, 2007
No. 5 “Climate Change, Production Trends, and Carrying Capacity of Pacific Salmon in the
Bering Sea and Adjacent Waters”, 2009
NPAFC Technical Reports:
No. 1 “Workshop on Climate Change and Salmon Production”, 1998
No. 2 “Workshop on Factors Affecting Production of Juvenile Salmon”, 2000
No. 3 “Workshop on Salmonid Otolith Marking”, 2001
No. 4 “Joint Meeting on Causes of Marine Mortality of Salmon in the North Pacific and North
Atlantic Oceans and in the Baltic Sea”, 2002
No. 5 “Workshop on Application of Stock Identification in Defining Marine Distribution and
Migration of Salmon”
No. 6 “Workshop “BASIS-2004:  Salmon and Marine Ecosystems in the Bering Sea and
Adjacent Waters”
No. 7 “Second International Workshop on Factors Affecting Production of Juvenile Salmon: 
Survival Strategy of Asian and North American Juvenile Salmon in the Ocean
NPAFC Handbook (1
and 2
Anniversary Commemorative Album
NPAFC Newsletters Nos. 1-30
NPAFC Special Publications:
No. 1 “A Long-Term Research and Monitoring Plan (LRMP) for Pacific Salmon (Oncorhynchus
spp.) in the North Pacific Ocean”, 2009
No. 2 “Climate Impacts on Pacific Salmon: Bibliography”, 2010
Appendix 16: