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An abandoned driftnet was found by a US albacore vessel in the vicinity of
46N-140W, although there is no evidence that it had been lost during 2010.
US albacore fishermen also reported that gill net marked tuna are continually
caught with markings and wounds indicating they had recently been entangled in
Report showed areas targeted by the legal fisheries for neon flying squid and the
period during which sightings occurred. Preferred oceanographic conditions for
several species of salmon were also shown.
The powerpoint presentation provided by the United States is uploaded on IIS.
6. Joint Scheme of Patrolling 2011
The Parties discussed 2011 patrol plans and coordinated their scheme of
patrolling as appended as
7. Approval of Prioritized Recommendations from the
Performance Review Report
The Secretariat displayed enforcement portion of the Recommendations from the
Performance Review Report discussed during the ENFO meeting at the 2010 18
Annual Meeting in Busan, Korea. The Parties readdressed each item to finally
identify “prioritized” and “non-prioritized” recommended items.
The Parties agreed that the recommendations numbered 24, 31, 34, 36 and 38
should be prioritized.
The complete text of the Performance Review Report and the individual
recommandations is available at the NPAFC website
The Executive Director explained that according to the decision made at the
2010 18
Annual Meeting, these recommended items will be put into a table by
the Secretariat as a draft List of Actions (LoA). After the draft is circulated to the
ENFO Points of Contact for their approval it will be sent to the NPAFC Points of
Contact by June 30, 2011. The LoA will then be reviewed and approved at the
next 2011 Annual Meeting.
It was also agreed that a brief explanation would accompany the non-prioritized
items to provide justification for not including them in the LoA.