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8. Statement of Work on Creation of NPAFC Enforcement
Promotional Video
Canada explained the draft of Statement of Work (SoW) which was circulated
to the Parties prior to the EECM as the starting point for a possible creation of
a NPAFC enforcement promotional video.
The Executive Director indicated that the most key element for the further
consideration of the video is the cost estimate, as was requested by the
Commission at the last Annual Meeting, which is not yet available at this time.
Canada explained that in order to obtain cost estimates, this SoW would need
to be completed and distributed to identified vendors. Canada noted that it
would continue to support the Secretariat, where possible, however could not
directly engage with the vendors on behalf of the NPAFC. Canada provided
the Secretariat with a list of vendors it has utilized in the past to assist in
identifying possible vendors.
Japan could not comment without the cost estimates, while Korea and Russia
were in favour of the creation of the video which may last another 4-5 years.
The United States suggested that if we clarify the purpose of this video, some
universities or NGOs may cooperate with the funding. The Executive Director
made a suggestion of creating the video in-house, or, for the Commission to
provide some Parties with some funds should it be done by that Party.
The Chairman suggested that since all Parties are still in favour of the
creation of the video, that they inquire within their governments if they have
the capability to produce a 5-minute video within $10,000 and report back to
ENFO at the next Annual Meeting.
All Parties accepted the Chairman’s proposal.
9. Terms of Reference for an IUU Vessel List
The United States presented a 2
draft of Rules of Procedure for IUU Vessel
), which was jointly drafted with Canada. The United States
proposed that the final draft, after review by the Parties, be submitted at
the 19
Annual Meeting for the Commission’s approval so that it may be
implemented by 2012. Korea also presented a parallel proposal for a basic
Rules of Procedure to augment the US/Canada draft rules
Korea explained its proposal which contains a general procedure in a globally
acceptable standard in terms of procedures for placing and removal of
vessels from IUU Vessel List adopted in many regional fisheries management
organizations (RFMOs). In particular, Korea pointed out that the Secretariat,
not a Party, should notify the Flag State of information in relation to the