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8. Update on the Preparations of the CSRS List of
Actions on the Prioritized Recommendations
from the Performance Review Report
The Secretariat provided an update on the current status of preparations
of the CSRS List of Actions on prioritized recommendations from the
Performance Review Report.
The Performance Review Report listed a total of 22 recommendations for
consideration by the CSRS. The complete text of the Performance Review
Report and the individual recommendations is available at the NPAFC
) in the Members’ Area under “Performance
Local Organizing Committee
A local group is being constituted and starting to plan the excursion and
assistance during the Workshop.
Invited speakers
Tweleve scientists specializing on issues of ocean pink and chum salmon
abundance across a spectrum of geographical regions have been invited to
give oral presentations at the workshop and it is anticipated they will come
to the Workshop. These scientists include four from Russia (Alexander
Kaev, Yury Khokhlov, Vladimir Radchenko, Evgenii Shevylakov), three from
Japan (Masahide Kaeriyama, Kentaro Morita, and Shigehiko Urawa), one
from Korea (Suam Kim), one from Canada (Dick Beamish), and three from
the US (Joe Orsi, Greg Ruggerone, and Alex Wertheimer).
Co-sponsorship of the Workshop by other organizations
The following organizations were thanked for their generosity in financial
support of the Workshop:
Bering Sea Fishermen’s Association
Canada Department of Fisheries and Oceans
North Pacific Research Board
Pacific Fisheries Resource Conservation Council
Pacific Salmon Foundation
State of the Salmon