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4. Opening Remarks
There were addresses of welcome and statements by the NPAFC President, Parliamentary
Secretary to the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans of Canada and for the Asia-Pacific Gateway,
Representatives of Korea, Japan, Russia, the United States and Canada.
. J
, P
resident of
addressed the meeting as
Ladies and Gentlemen, Colleagues and Friends,
Good morning. I’m Jim Balsiger, President of the North Pacific Anadromous Fish
Commission. It is my pleasure and honor to open the 19th Annual Meeting of the
NPAFC today, and to chair the Plenary meetings here.
I wish to thank Canada for hosting this year’s meeting in the vicinity of its premier
Pacific Biological Station, where salmon science was virtually born. I wish to thank
Dr. Vladimir Belyaev for chairing the meeting in Busan last year when I was unable
to attend. I am here now at this meeting to preside over some notable progress
that the Parties have made toward the conservation of salmon in the North Pacific
Ocean.  Both our individual and collaborative efforts make a difference, not only
to the economies and heritage of the people of the North Pacific Rim, but to the
growing number of people worldwide who depend on salmon from the North Pacific
for food.
We know that sustainable fishing practices and salmon conservation programs are
key to maintaining salmon stocks on a productive and stable level. Yet, we still face
many challenges ahead—challenges such as IUU fishing, changes in the ocean
ecosystem that affect the dynamics of salmon migration and health of our salmon
populations. These are challenges that will be better addressed because we are all
working together, not only to most effectively share and use the scientific knowledge
we have regarding salmonids, but to continue to unlock the mysteries that still
Lastly, I have noted that the Secretariat has prepared us well for this meeting and I
thank Vladimir Fedorenko and his staff for setting the logistics up.
So go forth with my best wishes for success in all your work at the 19th NPAFC
Annual Meeting.