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5. Executive Director’s Report (
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V. Fedorenko,
Executive Director
Mr. President, Mr. Secretary, distinguished representatives, delegates and
observers, ladies and gentlemen.
On behalf of the NPAFC Secretariat I would like to welcome all of you to our
Annual Meeting in this tiny, but nice city of British Columbia - Nanaimo.
Mr. President, the detailed Report of the Executive Director on the
Commission’s activities and the Secretariat’s performance was circulated to
the participants before the Annual Meeting as NPAFC Doc. 1325. Because of
that, let me draw your attention only to the main issues of that Report.
First of all I would like to inform you, that all Commission’s decisions and
the Committee’s recommendations approved by the Commission at the last
Annual Meeting are implemented.
That is the result of a very close cooperation between all levels of the
Contracting Parties under your leadership, Mr. President. I would also like to
stress the active role played by the chairpersons of the committees: Dr. Jin
Yeong Kim, Mr. Jun Imamura and Dr. Gerry Kristianson in the fulfillment of the
Commission’s decisions.
Let me say a few words about two main directions of our activity: science and
I. Science activity
In accordance with the decision of the Commission, the Research Planning
and Coordinating Meeting (RPCM) was held in a virtual format, by email
communication among the Parties over the time period of April 11-19, 2011.
A broad agenda items were discussed during the RPCM, including National
Research Plans under the new NPAFC Science Plan for 2011-2015; 2011
cruise activities; exchange of biological samples, data and personnel related
to 2011 cruises; Working Groups Reports requiring coordination and planning;
2011 International Workshop; preparation of the CSRS List of Actions on
the prioritized recommendations from the Performance Review Report. The
RPCM report was submitted to the Commission by Circular Letter No. 258
(NPAFC Doc. 1320). All recommendations of the RPCM and the result of
conducting meeting in an electronic format will be further discussed by the
CSRS during this week.
The NPAFC International Workshop
Explanations for the High Abundance of
Pink and Chum Salmon and Future Trends
will be held immediately after the
Annual Meeting here, at this Centre. As you are aware, the total commercial