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6. Enforcement
The committee reviewed enforcement activities in 2011 and planning for 2012
on the basis of information provided by Korea, Japan, Russia, the United States,
and Canada.
(1) K
Enforcement Activities in 2011
Korea reported that it did not have enforcement activities in the
Convention Area during 2011 as reported in the document submitted
for the February 2011 EECM.
Due to its geographic situation, Korea was not able to deploy patrol
vessels to the North Pacific Ocean, and provided a review of their
port inspections and investigation efforts on the Panamanian-flagged
carrier vessel
and the Cambodian-flagged fishing vessel
from 2010. As a part of these Korean Port Inspections and using the
MOC with the WCPFC, Korea shared the investigation information with
the WCPFC on the vessel
For Shine No.1
from which the master of
the vessel
claimed to have received its salmon product. The
Captain also claimed that the vessel was Chinese flagged. According
to the WCPFC Interim Register of Non-Member Carrier Vessel List, the
For Shine No.1
is listed as a registered Cambodian-flagged vessel with
the WCPFC.
In December 2010, the
Bellatrix (
currently known as
a port call to Busan with fish product onboard, but after another Korean
port inspection no salmon was found on board. As reported at the
2011 EECM, according to the FAO Agreement on Port State Measures
adopted in 2009, Korea is working to re-enforce its measures through
Port State Inspections. Korea is currently trying to work on creating
multilingual inspection questionnaires and standardized inspection
procedures, not only for salmon but also for issues on non-anadromous
species, and also improve Korean port inspections. Korea expressed
its need to strengthen their activities in conservation of salmon, as an
NPAFC member. Korea will expediently share information and continue
to cooperate with all partners.
J. Imamura, ENFO Chair
Photo by MIFAFF (Korea)
Korean Delegation at ENFO.
Photo by NPAFC Secretariat