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Salmon Recipes

The following recipes have appeared in NPAFC newsletters and been generously provided by our colleagues. The recipes are published in English and listed in alphabetical order.

To download the recipe, click on the recipe title. Click on the newsletter number to download the complete newsletter issue.

Chan-chan Yaki Recipe
     (M. Nagata, Newsletter No. 38)

Creamy Salmon Soup
     (Y. Yulia, Newsletter No. 37)

Home Smoked Salmon
     (H. McDermott, Newsletter No. 27)

Hot Smoked Salmon
     (J. Myers and K. Myers, Newsletter No. 26)

How to Cook Two Meals from a Single Fish: Kamchatkan Ukha (Fish Soup) & Salmon with Stewed Vegetables
     (A. Bugaev, Newsletter No. 30)

Ishikari-nabe (Salmon miso hot pot)
     (K. Nara, Newsletter No. 23)

Konbuzume—Salmon Sashimi
     (M. Kang, Newsletter No. 40)

Lightly Pickled Spicy Salmon and Vegetables
     (W. Liu, Newsletter No. 32)

Russian Salmon
     (V. Nazarov, Newsletter No. 25)

Salmon Acqua Pazza
     (T. Saito, Newsletter No. 34)

Salmon in White Sauce
     (A. Zavolokin, Newsletter No. 33)

Salmon Marinated in Miso (Miso-zuke)
     (W. Morris, Newsletter No. 35)

Salmon Sinigang (Salmon in sour broth)
     (Harold Belongilot, Newsletter No. 39)

Salmon Tofu "Sandwiches"
     (S. Kang, Newsletter No. 29)

Salted Dry Salmon
     (K. Seong, Newsletter No. 24)

Semiahmoo Smoked Salmon
     (J. Irvine, Newsletter No. 31)

Shawn's Salmon Marinade
     (G. Kristianson, Newsletter No. 22)

Smoked/Air Dried Salmon
     (P. Kuriscak, Newsletter No. 36)

Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Pasta
     (M. Young, Newsletter No. 41)

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict
     (W. Stanbury, Newsletter No. 42)


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