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Tag Recovery Data Request

Request to Obtain Records From the INPFC/NPAFC High-Seas Salmonid Tag-Recovery Database

This database contains records on the high-seas release and recoveries of salmonids (1956-2011). High seas tags are external tags, mostly disk tags. This database does not contain high-seas recoveries of coded-wire tags (CWT).

If you are a user with access to the “Members’Area” of this website, then go to that area for access to the database.

This is the procedure to use if you do not have access to the “Members’ Area” of this website:

  1. Examine NPAFC Doc. 192 (1996) for a visual summary of the data. This document presents maps showing the high-seas locations of tagged salmon and steelhead grouped by area of coastal recovery. Although this document is dated, it shows the bulk of the data because most recoveries pre-date the mid-1990s. The document also cautions the user to possible biases in the data.
  2.  The format and codes used in the INPFC/NPAFC database are explained in NPAFC Doc. 1396. This document is needed to understand column descriptions and codes used in the database.
  3. If you want to request tag-recovery records, please download the request form, fill it out, and email it to
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