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1995 (Documents 119–171)

The following are NPAFC scientific research papers (for CSRS*) authorized for distribution and citation. (*Committee on Scientific Research and Statistics)

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Doc.# Origin Title Author Organization Date
119 USA Ocean Carrying Capacity Program: An Implementation Plan for the Gulf of Alaska NMFS Mar 1995
120 Japan Salmon Research Plan in the North Pacific Ocean by the Fisheries Agency of Japan FAJ Mar 1995
122 Russia Pacific Salmon in the Bering Sea V. Radchenko
A. Chigirinsky
TINRO Apr 1995
123 Russia New Data About Immature Masu Sealife in Okhotsk Sea V. Lapko
A. Startsev
TINRO Apr 1995
Russia Feeding of Chinook and Coho Salmon in the Northwestern Pacific Ocean A. Volkov
V. Chuchukalo
A.  Efimkin
TINRO Apr 1995
Russia Feeding and Daily Rations of Sockeye Salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) During the Summer Period V. Chuchukalo
A. Volkov
A. Efimkin
N. Kuznetsova
TINRO Apr 1995
129 USA Alaska Fisheries Enhancement Program 1994 Annual Report M. McNair ADFG Oct 1995
130 (Rev.1) USA Preliminary 1994 Commercial Salmon Harvest Statistics for Alaska H. Geiger
E. Simpson
ADFG Sep 1995
131 USA Salmon Escapement Estimation in Alaska H. Geiger ADFG Oct 1995
132 USA Preliminary Results on the Origin of Chum Salmon Harvested Incidentally in the 1994 Bering Sea Trawl Fishery Determined by Genetic Stock Identification R. Wilmot
C. Kondzela
C. Guthrie
M. Masuda
NMFS Oct 1995
135 Japan Salmon Stock Assessment in the North Pacific Ocean in 1995 Y. Ishida
S. Ito
FAJ Oct 1995
136 Japan Salmon Tagging Experiments and Recovery of Salmon Lacking Adipose Fin Collected by Japanese Salmon Research Vessels in the North Pacific Ocean, 1995 S. Ito
Y. Ishida
FAJ Oct 1995
137 Japan Outline of Oceanographics Conditions in the Northwestern Pacific During the Summer of 1995 K. Kawasaki FAJ Oct 1995
138 Japan Summary of Japan-Russia Cooperative Juvenile Salmon Research Aboard the Research Vessel Wakashio maru in 1995 Y. Ueno
I. Shimizu
FAJ Oct 1995
139 Japan Latitudinal Variations in Distribution and Abundance of Plankton and Salmonids in the Northern Pacific Ocean and Bering Sea in Early Summer K. Nagasawa
A. Shiomoto
K. Tadokoro
Y. Ishida
FAJ Oct 1995
140 Japan Density Dependent Growth of Pink Salmon (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha) in the Bering Sea and Western North Pacific Y. Ishida
S. Ito
K. Murai
FAJ Oct 1995
141 Japan Annual Changes in the Population Size of the Salmon Louse Lepeophtheirus salmonis (Copepoda: Caligidae) on Offshore Pacific Salmon (Oncorhynchus spp.) and Relationship to Host Abundance K. Nagasawa
Y. Ishida
K. Tadokoro
FAJ Oct 1995
142 Japan Do Pacific Salmon (Oncorhynchus spp.) Steal Bait from Surface Longlines at Sea? K. Nagasawa
K. Tadokoro
FAJ Oct 1995
143 Japan Growth and Nutritional Aspects of Juvenile Chum and Pink Salmon Migrating in the Okhotsk Sea and the Northwest Pacific Ocean T. Azuma FAJ Nov 1995
144 Japan Proposed Cruise Plans of Japanese Research Vessels for Salmon in the North Pacific Ocean in 1996/97 Fiscal Year FAJ Oct 1995
145 Japan Data Record of Japanese Salmon Research Vessel in 1994; I-Catch Data; II-Oceanographic Data FAJ Oct 1995
146 Japan Variation in Reproductive Characters of Hatchery-Released Sockeye Salmon, Oncorhynchus nerka, Returning to the Lake Shikotsu and the Bibi River of Central Hokkaido, Japan M. Kaeriyama
S. Urawa
M. Fukuwaka
FAJ Oct 1995
147 Japan Marine Mortality of Chum Salmon (Oncorhynchus keta) Caused by the Parasitic Flagellate Ichtyobodo necator S. Urawa FAJ Oct 1995
148 Japan Relationship Between Scale Growth and Somatic Growth in Sockeye Salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) M. Fukuwaka
M. Kaeriyama
FAJ Oct 1995
149 (Rev.1) Japan Salmon Catch by Species, by Region, in 1994 FAJ Oct 1995
150 Japan Preliminary Report of Salmon Enhancement Production in Japan, 1994 FAJ Oct 1995
151 (Rev.1) USA Summary of Ocean and Major Inland Salmon Harvest Data for Washington, Oregon and California J. Coon PFMC Oct 1995
152 USA Migrations, Abundance, and Origins of Salmonids in Offshore Waters of the North Pacific – 1995 K. Myers
R. Walker
N. Davis
W. Patton
K. Aydin
E. Pikitch
R. Burgner
FRI Oct 1995
153 USA Incidence of Code-Wire Tagged Salmonids in Commercial and Research Catches in the North Pacific Ocean and Bering Sea, 1994–1995 M. Dahlberg
S. Fowler
N. Maloney
R. Heintz
NMFS Oct 1995
154 USA An Estimate of Total 1992 Hatchery Releases of Juvenile Salmon, by Country, into Waters of the North Pacific Ocean and Adjacent Seas W. Heard NMFS Oct 1995
155 Secretariat List of Material and Data Exchanges 1994/1995 Oct 1995
156 Canada Stock Interactions in Sockeye Salmon in the Eastern North Pacific Ocean S. McKinnell DFO Oct 1995
157 Canada
Recoveries of Farmed Atlantic Salmon in the Northeastern Pacific S. McKinnell
A. Thomson
E. Black
B. Wing
C. Guthrie III
J. Koerner
J. Helle
Min. of AFF
Oct 1995
158 Russia
Influence of the Marine Abundance of Pink (Oncorhynchus gorbuscha) and Sockeye Salmon (O. nerka) on Growth of Ozernaya River Sockeye V. Bugaev
D. Welch
M. Selifonov
L. Grachev
Nov 1995
159 Canada Summary of Salmon DNA Stock Identification Work at the Pacific Biological Station T. Beacham DFO Nov 1995
160 Canada
Results of the Canadian High Seas Research Cruise to the Eastern North Pacific Ocean, March 23–April 11, 1995 D. Welch
H. Carlson
Oct 1995
161 Canada Coastal Shifts in Salmon Carrying Capacity R. Beamish
C. Neville
DFO Oct 1995
162 (Rev.1) Canada An Update on Trends in Catch of Pacific Salmon in Canada D. Welch
D. Noakes
C. Wallace
DFO Oct 1995
163 USA Incidental Catches of Salmonids by US Groundfish Fisheries in the Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands, Gulf of Alaska, and the Pacific Coast, 1990–1995 J. Berger
R. Narita
NMFS Oct 1995
164 (Rev.1) USA Summary Report on the Status of Groundfish Resources off the Coast of California-Oregon-Washington in 1995 R. Methot NMFS Oct 1995
165 USA Mixed Stock Analysis of Pacific Rim Chum Salmon in the 1993 and 1994 South Alaska Peninsula June Fisheries Using Allozyme and Mitochondrial DNA Data L. Seeb
P. Crane
ADFG Oct 1995
166 USA Summary Report on the Status of Groundfish Resources of the Eastern Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands in 1995 NMFS Nov 1995
167 USA Summary Report on the Status of Groundfish Resources of the Gulf of Alaska in 1995 NMFS Nov 1995
168 Russia Estimates of Ocean Mortality of Northeast Kamchatka Pink Salmon V. Karpenko KNIRO Oct 1995
169 Russia Some Abnormalities in Salmon Noted During Their Marine Period of Life V. Shershneva KNIRO Oct 1995
170 (Rev.1) Russia Russian Statistical Data on Commercial Catches, Escapement, Average Weight of Pacific Salmon in 1994 V. Radchenko TINRO Oct 1995
171 Russia Expeditional Report on the Programme of Research Scientific Expeditional Work on Investigation of Salmons Stock Localization in the Pacific Ocean in April–June 1995 A. Dekshtain
M. Koval
KNIRO Nov 1995