North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission

Published Documents 2023

2023 (Documents 2060–2117)

The following are NPAFC scientific research papers (for CSRS*) authorized for distribution and citation. (*Committee on Scientific Research and Statistics)

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2060USAPreliminary Findings of the International Year of the Salmon Pan-Pacific Winter High Seas Expedition Onboard the NOAA Ship Bell M. Shimada, February 1–March 7, 2022Weitkamp et al.May 2022
2061RussiaPreliminary Findings of the International Year of the Salmon Pan-Pacific Winter High Seas Expedition Onboard the R/V TINRO during March 2–20, 2022Somov et al.June 2022
2065RussiaRussian Bibliography Publications Linked to the NPAFC Science Plan in 2022Kanzeparova et al.February 2023
2066JapanProposed Cruise Plans of Japanese Research Vessels for Salmon in the North Pacific Ocean in 2023S. Sato and S. HondaFebruary 2023
2067JapanCruise Plans of Japanese Research Vessels Involving Incidental Takes of Anadromous Fish in the North Pacific Ocean in 2023February 2023
2068RussiaProposed Cruise Plans of Russian Research Vessels for Salmon in the North Pacific Ocean and Far Eastern Seas in 2023Kanzeparova et al.March 2023
2069USAHigh Seas Salmonid Coded-Wire Tag Recovery Data, 2021 (and Unreported Recoveries from 2012, 2019, and 2020)Masuda et al.March 2023
2073USANorthern Bering Sea Ecosystem Surface Trawl Survey Plan, 2023J. Murphy et al.March 2023
2074CanadaFirst Order Approximation of Migratory Distances of Sockeye Salmon Returning to Western Alaska Based on Tag Release and Recovery Locations and a Plausible RouteS. McKinnellMarch 2023
2075CanadaComparing Remotely-sensed Estimates of Sea Surface Temperature with Shipboard CTD Measurements and Argo Profiles in Winter in the Gulf of AlaskaS. McKinnellMarch 2023
2076CanadaEvidence that Coho and Chum Salmon Form Schools in the First Ocean WinterBeamish et al.March 2023
Review of the 2016–2022 NPAFC Science Plan: Understanding Variations in Pacific Salmon Productivity in a Changing ClimateNPAFC Science Sub-CommitteeMarch 2023
2078USASoutheast Alaska Coastal Monitoring Survey Plan, 2023Strasburger et al.March 2023
2079CanadaCanadian Salmon Catch and Enhanced Salmon Production 2019–2022Velez-Espino et al.March 2023
2080USAProposed Otolith Marks for Brood Year 2023 Salmon in AlaskaD. OxmanMarch 2023
2081USAReleases of Otolith Marked Salmon from Alaska in 2022D. OxmanMarch 2023
2083JapanIncidental Catches of Anadromous Fishes by Japanese Research Vessels in the North Pacific Ocean in 2022S. SatoMarch 2023
2084JapanPreliminary Statistics for 2022 Commercial Salmon Catches in JapanY. Sotoyama and T. MorishitaMarch 2023
2085JapanPreliminary 2022 Salmon Enhancement Production in JapanY. Miyauchi and Y. SotoyamaMarch 2023
2086JapanReleases of Otolith Marked Salmon from Japan between Summer of 2021 and Spring of 2022Miyauchi et al.March 2023
2087JapanProposed Otolith Marks for Brood Year 2023 Salmon in JapanHida et al.March 2023
2088JapanThe Summer 2022 Japanese Salmon Research Cruise of the R/V Hokko maruHonda et al.March 2023
2089JapanJapanese Bibliography in 2022 for NPAFC Science PlanS. Sato and S. HondaMarch 2023
2090JapanReport on Japanese Salmon Research Cruises in the North Pacific Ocean in 2022Sato et al.March 2023
2091JapanResults of 2022 Salmon Research by T/V Oshoro maruKojima et al.March 2023
2092RussiaProposed Otolith Marks for Brood Year 2023 Salmon in RussiaAkinicheva et al.March 2023
2093RussiaRelease of Marked Salmon from Russian Hatcheries in 2022Akinicheva et al.March 2023
2094 (Rev. 1)RussiaBiostatistical Information on Salmon Catches, Escapement and Enhancement Production in Russia in 2022Kanzeparova et al.March 2023
2095CanadaCanadian Juvenile Salmon Surveys in 2023–2024C. Neville and J. KingMarch 2023
2096CanadaCanadian Bibliography of Recent Publications Linked to the 2016–2022 NPAFC Science PlanHolmes et al.March 2023
2097KoreaKorean Research Plan for Salmon in 2023D.W. YangMarch 2023
2098KoreaKorean Salmon Catch Statistics and Hatchery Releases in 2022–2023Choi et al.March 2023
2099KoreaOtolith Thermal Mark for Brood Year 2022 and Proposed Thermal Marks for Brood Year 2023 Chum Salmon in KoreaChoi et al.March 2023
2100KoreaPopulation Genetic Structure of Chum salmon, Oncorhynchus keta, from Republic of KoreaH.R. Jeon and D.W. YangMarch 2023
2101KoreaSpawning Migration Strategies of Chum Salmon (Oncorhynchus keta) with Marine Environment Change in the Coastal Water of KoreaC.I. LeeMarch 2023
2102USAWestern Gulf of Alaska and Southern Bering Sea Surface Trawl Survey Plan for 2023Gray et al.March 2023
2103USAIncidental Catches of Salmonids by U.S. Groundfish Fisheries in the Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands and the Gulf of Alaska, 1990–2022G. SchnaittacherMarch 2023
2104USASummary of Alaska’s 2022 Pacific Salmon Escapement and Commercial HarvestA. MunroMarch 2023
Recoveries of High Seas Tags and Tag Releases from High Seas Research Vessel Surveys in 2022NPAFC Working Group on Salmon MarkingMarch 2023
2108SecretariatAbstracts of Scientific Documents Submitted to the Commission for the 2023 CSRS MeetingApril 2023
Preliminary Findings of the 2022 International Year of the Salmon Pan-Pacific Winter High Seas ExpeditionNPAFC IYS Working GroupApril 2023
Post-IYS Considerations and Recommendations DocumentNPAFC IYS Working GroupApril 2023
2112CanadaRelevance of the Catches of Steelhead in the Study of the Ocean Ecology of Pacific Salmon in the Gulf of Alaska in the Winter of 2022Beamish et al.April 2023
2114CanadaProposed Thermal Marking of Salmon in Canada for Brood Year 2023A. Nonis and J. TillMay 2023
2115CanadaReleases of Otolith Marked Salmon from Canada in 2022A. Nonis and J. TillMay 2023
2116USAUnited States Bibliography of Publications Linked to the NPAFC Science PlanMay 2023
Country Reports on Stock Identification Research Activities in 2022/2023NPAFC Working Group on Stock IdentificationMay 2023