North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission


Scientific Symposia

Scientific symposia are open to the public with invitation. Please contact the Secretariat for details.

Past Symposia

International Symposium on Pacific Salmon and Steelhead Production in a Changing Climate: Past, Present, and Future
May 17–19, 2015
Kobe, Japan

International Symposium on Climate Change and Effects on Fish and Fisheries: Forecasting Impacts, Assessing Ecosystem Responses, and Evaluating Management Strategies
April 26–29, 2010
Sendai, Japan

NPAFC International Symposium on the Bering-Aleutian Salmon International Surveys (BASIS): Climate Change, Production Trends, and Carrying Capacity of Pacific Salmon in the Bering Sea and Adjacent Waters
November 23–25, 2008
Seattle, Washington, USA
View Program and Abstracts
View Proceedings (NPAFC Bulletin No. 5)

NPAFC – PICES Joint Symposium
The Status of Pacific Salmon and Their Role in North Pacific Marine Ecosystems
October 30–November 1, 2005
Jeju Island, Republic of Korea
View Program and Abstracts
View Proceedings (NPAFC Bulletin No. 4)

International Symposium on Recent Changes in Ocean Production of Pacific Salmon
November 1–2, 1999
Juneau, Alaska, USA
View Proceedings (NPAFC Bulletin No. 2)

International Symposium on Assessment and Status of Pacific Rim Salmon Stocks
October 28–29, 1996
Sapporo, Japan
View Proceedings (NPAFC Bulletin No. 1)

Enforcement Symposia

Enforcement Symposia are restricted to delegates from the Contracting Parties.

Past Symposia

Patrol Tactics, Planning, and Execution of Enforcement in the NPAFC Convention Area
March 2, 2006
in Juneau, Alaska, USA

Enforcement Standardization Symposium
March 16–19, 1999
Kodiak, Alaska, USA