North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission

Technical Report 22

Report of the Final Workshop (November 1–2, 2023) Describing Observations Made during Winter Surveys of the International Year of the Salmon Expeditions to the Gulf of Alaska

Skip McKinnell, William Stanbury, and Aidan Schubert

On November 1–2 (PST) in 2023, a virtual workshop was held to discuss winter expeditions to the Gulf of Alaska for the final occasion under the auspices of the International Year of the Salmon (IYS). If they were provided by a speaker, written abstracts describing new or updated results have been included in this report. Speakers lacking new or updated results likely had their work summarized in NPAFC Technical Report 20, which reported the findings of the expeditions obtained up to October 2022. If questions or discussion occurred following a presentation, whether verbally or in ‘chat,’ key points have been summarized in bullets following each abstract. Organizers and supporters of the IYS in attendance were invited to make general comments on the IYS program and their responses are included verbatim, after giving each speaker an opportunity to edit their oral record for clarity. A list of publications arising from the IYS and published by NPAFC, including those unrelated to the expeditions, appears as an appendix.



McKinnell, S., W. Stanbury, and A. Schubert (Editors).  2023.  Report of the final workshop (November 1–2, 2023) describing observations made during winter surveys of the International Year of the Salmon expeditions to the Gulf of Alaska.  N. Pac. Anadr. Fish Comm. Tech. Rep. 22.  48 pp.