North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission

Workshop Presenters

Guidelines For Presenters

    • All presenters (oral and E-poster) are required to register for the workshop.
      • Duration of invited keynote live oral presentations is 20 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for questions/discussion for a total duration of 25 minutes.
      • Duration of contributed live oral presentations is 12 minutes for the presentation and 3 minutes for questions/discussion for a total duration of 15 minutes.
      • Pre-recorded oral presentation should be one .mp4 file (max 300 MB) and no longer than 15 minutes, including narration (ideally converted from a PowerPoint presentation, but other formats welcome).
      • E-poster should be one .pdf file, converted from one, or multiple, PowerPoint slides.
      • All presenters (oral and E-poster) will be asked right after the workshop for permission to place their oral or E-poster presentation as a PDF on the workshop webpage.
      • Pre-recorded oral and E-poster presentations will be uploaded on the workshop webpage by May 5, and they will be previewed by registered participants for two weeks prior to the live sessions. They will be considered for a summary and discussion of each live topic session.