North Pacific Anadromous Fish Commission

Technical Report 11

Table of Contents

Current Stock Assessment of Pacific Salmon in the Far East of Russia

Nataliya V. Klovach, Olga S. Temnykh, Valeriy A. Shevlyakov, Evgeniy A. Shevlyakov, Alexander F. Bugaev, Vladimir I. Ostrovskiy, Alexander M. Kaev, and Vladimir V. Volobuev

Abstract Excerpt:
All six species of the genus Oncorhynchus spp. are reproduced in the Russia Far East. The huge length of the reproductive area of Pacific salmon in the Russian Far East, different climatic conditions of reproduction and feeding, and various terms of spawning migration determine the different dynamics of stocks in the regions, both in general, and in particular salmon species.

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Klovach, N.V., O.S. Temnykh, V.A. Shevlyakov, E.A. Shevlyakov, A.F. Bugaev, V.I. Ostrovskiy, A.M. Kaev, and V.V. Volobuev.  2018.  Current stock assessment of Pacific salmon in the Far East of Russia.  N. Pac. Anadr. Fish Comm. Tech. Rep. 11: 12–16.